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  1. just wondering... are we allowed to use calculator for paper 1?
  2. Ok, so for Paper 1 we have 1hr30 mins and doing writing 4 essays in that time is kind of tough for me :/ Usually when i practice i guess I write much more than i would do under exams conditions E,g, for the 10 mark question, I would write about a page (double sided) and a half and for the 15 mark ques, I would write about 2 pages (double sided) I've never been told by my econ teacher how much IB expects a student to write during an exam on Paper 1 any of you have any ideas of how much is expect of us?? Thanks in advance
  3. hey guys Are we allowed to use the formula booklet for paper 1? :/
  4. okaay (: and how much time do you guys think must be spent on each essay? (paper 1)
  5. To those who are HL Econ students writing their exams next week! What is the best way to tackle paper 1? like do we have to learn case studies for every single concept from Micro/Macroeconomics? :/
  6. thankks for the advice guys!
  7. Hey guys, I'm really scared for my Physics exam and what makes it even worse is that i'm not that good in maths! So any advice on how to tackle the papers, especially paper 2? :/
  8. Hey guys i need some help! Do i need to cite every single image that used on my powerpoint? Thanks in advance
  9. Is it okay to have only 2 knowledge issues for the TOK presentation? or is it too little?
  10. I know, its just that i found some ppl in my class faking their data That's why i was asking! lol
  11. Hey guys, do you think that IB checks whether your primary data is authentic for your EE?
  12. Hey everyone, any advice on how to maximise IB scores? I was thinking of concentrating on IAs/EE/presentations first and then revise for exams! Do you think that this will work?
  13. Hey everyone, i was wondering if it's possible to include more than one theory in the theory section in my extended essay ?! Thanks in advance
  14. hey guys, do you think it's okay to put 'blogging' as part of my creativity / CAS activities in general ??!?
  15. ok, hmm do you have any other ideas?
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