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  1. I played tennis before but stopped for quite a long time now. I'd like to start playing again. I've taken part in a tournament before. I have a friend who maybe I can play with. Any advice on how I can get tennis to be a new challenge to me? (I played about 7 years and then stopped for about 4)
  2. Well...I just want to be able to have a wide variety of jobs, so I'm planning to study PPE (philosophy, politics and economics), or some course alike...and then work somewhere around the world =D...Maybe I can be in the UN, maybe part of a government, or maybe just head of an organization...up to the future to decide!
  3. Are you a native speaker of Spanish? If not, is Spanish HL hard? Hey, no, I'm a native French speaker though. I'm now 16 and came to an English speaking country when I was 10. It's actually a Dutch, French, English, Spanish, Papimento, Creole speaking country, but anyways =P. Spanish isn't so hard to me, except for the ya, lo and la. This might be because of the French though.
  4. Hey, I was just wondering which books you guys are reading for Spanish B HL =D
  5. Well it all depends on the university you want to attend. In USA, they often have classes such as algebra where you see Algebra I, Algebra II etc...In this system, you can adapt yourself with whatever level you are. My school recently introduced the IBDP (it's the second year which it is in place), and before this we do CXC, the Caribbean equivalent to O-level. Whoever wants to go to USA with CXC is always accepted; I've never seen someone who wanted to attend a university in USA but was not able to because they were not admitted due to academic requirements. You may hence be on the safe side
  6. I can speak French and English fluently, and hopefully Spanish soon.
  7. I advise the same as Award Winning Boss. Also you can try talking to your IB coordinator, the worse answer you can get is an advise on how to do something about it, while not actually being helped. Good luck!
  8. I am currently doing the IB; I'm in the first year. I do HL: Physics, History, English, Spanish, SL: Math and Chemistry. I'm a math freak and HL is not proposed in my school =[. I'm currently working on my own for math to hopefully be able to do A-level math. Is this anywhere close to rational?
  9. Well IB is a really good program as it isn't just about you learning a subject, it's about you learning life. A-levels I believe is more of a person-to-person program as it has less class hours per work unit, hence more independent work. This is really good since you have no restrictions of how many subjects you take etc...IB really gives you the good guidance to be a balanced person in all aspects. If you are very diligent with what you do and serious with your work, A-levels can though be a bigger of a benefit to you: you can do your own 'CAS', you can replace TOK with AS Philosophy etc...If
  10. I have a question relating to this. What is the need of identifying oneself as a person from a specific nation, race etc...I personally view bilingualism as a benefit. As often said in my country where more than a 100 nationalities is resident, speaking more than one language is a passport in everything, for travelling, job opportunities etc...On my part, I don't even know 'where I'm from'. I'm a bit Indian, Mauritian, and French. I now live in a French/Dutch Island, speak and write French and English and know some Spanish. Who am I? I think I'm just another citizen of this world .
  11. I really agree with you. You indeed pointed out really true facts about what grades are. Are grades really useless though? No. Grades is the only thing teachers can look at to know your performances. Also, we live in a world where a lot of what we simply memorize but do not understand is applicable, making this grade business less of a big deal. Teachers cannot just look at your participation in class, hence this justification of grades. Award Winning Boss mentions a solution. Well here is the key solution here; make use of grades. Instead of studying/ memorizing for the test, do the work for
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