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  1. I got 4 in maths HL and i'm retaking it ,, if i get a 3 this time which grade will count for my diploma? the highest grade or the most recent one.
  2. I'm currently taking English a1sl and doing french B HL and i'm taking my exams during the November 2012 session and i'm also doing my extended essay in FRENCH B! Will I get a Bilingual diploma? Because on the site its written " At present, a bilingual diploma can be awarded to a student who: "writes their extended essay in a different language. " however its also written"As of September 2011(and applied to first examinations in 2013)The extended essay contribution to a bilingual diploma is no longer applicable." So when does the rule actually start on september 2011 ? or its gonna be
  3. Hello everybody! I know that predicted grades are important when applying to universities. But i'm not sure of the importance of the predicted grades for the IB? How does the IB use it? Lets say i'm usually a poor student in Biology SL(or any other subject) always earning 3-4s and my predicted grade is a 3 . However in my final exams i work for a 6(IA included) . Will my predicted grade affect my Final grade? How does IB use the predicted grades?
  4. what should i include in the introduction? my teacher told me to put an intro! Also how do i tabulate my data , lets say for the first task i got 1+a= 1a 2+b = 2b 3+c = 3c 4+d = 4d 5+e = 5e i used alphabets above so that i dont put the answers up! anybody can tell me how to tabulate this?
  5. A geometric series has first term 10 and common ratio 0.02. Find the to infinity. How many terms are needed so that their sum differs from the sum to infinity by less than 0.00001?
  6. http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2011/08/29/Millions-in-China-face-water-shortage/UPI-82901314598051/?spt=hs∨=tn so there is my article ^ and this is what ive done : 1. explained the problem briefly 2. done a diagram to show what is happening in china + explained the diagram 3.done a diagram and explained what a subsidy would do 4.-- now i dont know what to add! can anybody help me ? what should i include in my commentary, what is really important that i have missed?
  7. So basically im obliged to do an extended essay in economics , because all other supervisors of the other subjects are already taken, reason for this is because initially i choose to do my EE in bio , but then the supervisor dropped me saying she wont supervise me, by that time all other teachers were already full . and now im left with economics as one eco teacher is ready to supervise me. so now i need to find an extended essay QUESTION for tomorrow! im aiming for high grades ( A or B) so i need a good question! but im stuck on finding my question? what would be the easiest and most viable
  8. it is an IB TOK class ofcourse , but i meant like i just do it as class work and i dont get marks for it.. im not asking you guys to do the article for me . im just asking what should i TALK about once ive got my article
  9. so for my TOK class(not for IB) i need to choose an article and conduct a presentation ! i need some help, what should i take about? its a 5 minutes presentation
  10. http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2011/08/29/Millions-in-China-face-water-shortage/UPI-82901314598051/?spt=hs∨=tn thats my article . i dont really know what to say about the long term and short implications for the article , anybody can help me please?
  11. could you please give me some insight on what the diagram to show water shortage after the drought should look like? i did a demand / supply diagarm but my teacher told me thats not enough , improve it . what i did was that i shifted the water supply curve to the left to show that supply has fallen. http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2011/08/29/Millions-in-China-face-water-shortage/UPI-82901314598051/?spt=hs∨=tn
  12. i need ideas to choose the research question of my extended essay in economics! please give me some ideas on what would be worthwhile to work on
  13. Maths EE English literature EE Economics EE what essay would be the easiest to score high points ? i need to choose a subject before monday with its question ! please help me
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