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  1. When I realized I was connected to the rest of the universe. It was a deeply spiritual moment, which ended 3 years of chronic depression.
  2. I still can't believe it's over... I mean, the IB has become a huge part of my life these years, and now it just vanished and I'm able to sleep as much as I want o.O
  3. You're definitely not going to fail the IB because if this issue, but you should let someone know about this ASAP. It seems that what your teacher intends to do is the absolute contrary of what a ToK class is meant to be (sadly, ToK is both one of the most misunderstanded subjects of the IB and one of the most interesting ones if taught right). I'd say you talk to you coordinator about this, because indoctrinating students is the opposite of what the whole IB means. And sorry for any grammar mistakes, I'm not a native English speaker Good luck!
  4. I loved the question on paper 2 about technological advances in war. I wrote almost 3 pages about it And paper 1 on peacekeeping was quite good too, I could answer everything in time. Maybe the boundaries are a little higher this year...
  5. I waiting to open this thread Yeah, paper 1 was a joke. Paper 2 wasn't so insane, but still I only got to do 76% of the exam Hopefully the grade boundaries are low ... I really need that 7 for uni .___. Should've studied more instead of cramming for History... Hey, what are the usual boundaries?
  6. Escuela de Educación Secundaria no. 6 "Juan Pablo Duarte y Diez" (Argentina)
  7. You didn't cry with that movie. 1) I have a talking parrot standing on my head, right now. 2) I cry of joy when I see a particularly bright night sky. 3) I've played Irish folk music live at a theatre. EDIT: Forgot to write the fake one
  8. Adhiero al ofrecimiento de DanGarza, cualquier persona que necesite ayuda con el español puede mandarme un PM ¡Le debemos mucho a este foro!
  9. I really don't know how many people took these exams, but I hope I'm not the only one who had a bit of a problem with exercise 2 of Paper 2... Paper 1, on the other hand, was an absolute piece of cake. Anyway, it was a really fun subject overall. Should have started studying earlier
  10. The important thing to do here is to stay positive. I have also had some serious depressions during year 1 and start of year 2, kept thinking all sorts of ****ty stuff (such as 'I dont want to live like this anymore', 'I have absolutely no life', 'Is this really worth it?', 'I'm too tired of being tired' ). See, I'm a very determined person. I want to be an astronaut since age 10 and I'm still on track of achieving that (that's why I'm taking the IB in the first place). After some time of deep suffering and frequent all-nighters, I realized that the workload wasn't actually that hard and that
  11. That's some determination right there! I'm proud of my overall performance this week in the exams, and today I'm proud of having properly organized my studying for the History exam
  12. The only one I could get in my country was the Princeton Review one, and it was plain awesome. Surely the other books are good too, but this one is very recommmended
  13. For me it must be Physics HL, the syllabus is waaay too long and you better make sure you know and practiced all of the stuff. But then again, I virtually had no teacher. So it may have taken more time than needed
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