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  1. Hi all, Currently I am in a state of turmoil because I am having a horrible time deciding where to go to college. I live in Nevada and am deating between UC Davis and Boise State University (for by bachelors). After undergrad I plan on going to Med School. Here's the thing- I know that UC Davis would probably better prepare me for Med School. However, I have lots of family in Boise State and it would take the financial burdon away as well as having the support of family as opposed to living by myself in Davis, CA. My grades etc. are good enough to get me into the Honors College at Boise S
  2. In the world lit paper, or rather any paper, I know it's not a good idea to talk as if your analysis is complete fact ("this is this") but rather show what it appears to be. But how exactly do I go about doing that? Would I say "it appears that..." "perhaps..." etc.? Or is there a better way to show your opinion in your analysis? For example: I am discussing the use of feminist characterization by the female protagonists in A Doll House and Lysistrata. My teacher told me I might want to include a short paragraph near the intro which defines my idea of feminist characterization in order to fo
  3. I agree completely. Thank you for the link, and I looked over it (not in great detail yet) and was wondering how to really make sure a topic fits within a category? Tips?
  4. My english teacher told me that I can pick a topic and then fit it into a category if we want......And that is what I have done. I have already gathered some sources and my sources are due on Friday, so getting rid of my topic at this point would ruin any chance of me getting a decent grade. Besides, we never got the marking guide lines for each topic or was told about them. We were told that they were fairly flexible and a topic can probably fit in a few different categories. Since I am stuck now that I am getting this news awfully late, can somebody help me place my topic in a category?
  5. Oh really? Because I was wanting to go in a direction of how subliminal messages affect the brain and the effects of that, which is why I was thinking psychology.
  6. Hello! I really want to do my EE on subliminal messaging, and was thinking about talking specifically about subliminal messaging in the fast food industry or maybe just advertisements in general, with my research Q being something along the lines of " how has the use of subliminal messaging in the fast food industry/advertisements/food industry contributed to the obesity epidemic in America?" Firstly, is this specific enough for the EE? Is this a direction I could go in? Would this be considered a psychology paper, social anthropology, or what? Thanks!
  7. It's not necessarily that I do not want to conduct an experiment, but I have been advised against it because it takes too long. I'm open to changing my topic, however I do not want to end up with something I could care less about. As for the comment about only wanting to be a veterinarian because I love animals, that is not the reason why. Both of my parents work in medical fields and medicine fascinates me, but it interests me in animals much more. I have done internships with several different veterinarians before, and have been advised to specialize as opposed to being a simple veterina
  8. Well, I wanted to just do something involving veterinary medicine or I guess as broad as animals (because I want to be a vet), and I suppose that could fit into a few different subjects depending on the topic. I do not really want to have to conduct any experiments, so not Biology.
  9. Do you think something like this would work? What compels people to keep exotic animals as pets? Can this possibly work? What category can I put this under? Should I change it? Thanks!
  10. I do not really want to do biology because I would have to do an experiment. The ideas you had were more along the lines of where I wanted to go with it. Thank you!
  11. I was considering doing my EE on veterinary medicine, but am not sure of an exact topic. Any ideas? Thank you!
  12. I've raised rabbits for show for 7 years, so yes, you could say I have a fetish:P Thanks for the link, I'll check it out!
  13. I have been struggling to come up with a specific topic for my EE.....I want to write it about rabbits in some way, not necessarily doing some experiment because that would take too long. I was thinking of the history of the domesticated rabbit but that does not have an argument in it, its just a report type paper. Can somebody think of something related to rabbits that would work for an extended essay? I'm open to ideas! Thanks!
  14. Thanks! I was thinking of analyzing how the patriarch society of the Greek and Norwegian cultures create a feminist characterization of the main female characters. Does that sound focused enough? Thanks:)
  15. Hello, In my english class we have to write an essay that will be graded like the WL paper will be, comparing Antigone by Sophocles and Ibsen's A Doll House. I was considering discussing feminism but am not completely sure.... anybody have any ideas or tips on how to write a good essay in general or specifically for these 2 works? Thanks!
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