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  1. What percentage is the IA, G4, and exam papers for the overall grade? And how would I calculate the overall grade? Thanks
  2. I'm TZ1 but anyways for paper two there was barely anything about transcription and translation but there might have been for TZ2. Paper two was actually alright as opposed to paper three...
  3. That triangle thing? Yeah that was a mess, I turned my paper every which way during the exam to understand that graph.
  4. (TZ1) Paper one was alright but better than paper two. On paper two I stupidly forgot what happened specifically in G1/S/G2/ interphase and I only got 1 mark here. I chose the section B question on leucoytes and properties of water/ how it helps blood - I was slightly excited for Bio and I forgot the most important property since I was trying to write everything le sigh. Honestly, I don't even remember what was on the second paper! can someone please remind me? Also, what do you guys think the markbands will look like? And what are the percentages for the Bio composite grade? Thank you!
  5. Even though this is a Europe thread...I have to share my opinion TZ1 HOA: THAT. WAS. THE. WORST. EVER. R.I.P IB diploma.
  6. Our Paper 1 (Communisn in Crisis) was on Lech Walesa/ Polish solidarity, and the sources also talked about Russian policies and foreign influences specifically America's influence/role. The last question was what made the Soviet spheres of influence basically revolt at that specific time. I used prior knowledge of glasnost and perestroika, but could have done so much more. Paper 2: Our WWI question for TZ1 was worded similarly except, of course, asked to assess desire for revenge (I talked about Franco-Prussian war and Bosnian crisis specifically France and Russia), economic motives (somehow
  7. So how'd you find the paper 1 and 2 exams? TZ1: I thought paper 1 was alright, my OPVL's could have been better but one hour was not enough! One of the sources was from a book we read in history class this year, nice surprise. Paper 2: I did questions 1 (WWI Causes) and 28 (Truman's contributions to Cold War).
  8. but what are the most common topics? Role of women WWII? Civil rights movements?
  9. How do you guys review for HOA? I seriously have no idea. Tips appreciated, even encouraged.
  10. no since I don't really know what it is. NP is European
  11. Before the exam or after the exam in preparation for paper three? I might be able to do it before the exam since I'll be up long before eleven studying.
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