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  1. Can you tell me why OP' is smaller than the length of P' to P? Cause on the diagram it looks bigger :/
  2. Okay so ill start ib next year and I'm going for a bilingual diploma in which i took French A SL and English B HL (when you do all your subjects in english it counts as bilingual). I was wondering about the english language requirements of universities. Lets say they ask for English A as either HL or SL. But I've done English B HL, still my diploma is bilingual and english counts as my first language, what happens? Will i have to pass another english test just to get in because i did English B?
  3. yeah so i looking forward to go to aus. I am doing a bilingual diploma with french A sl and English B hl. All my subjects are in english therefore i qualify for bilingual. i would like to know if my language choices are good enough to enter most of the universities in australia?
  4. hmmm what is this SAT thing, does it apply to every university that i have to go?
  5. So I am going to start IB next year and I've chosen english b hl. I am wondering if universities usually accept english B hl. I am looking forward to go to australia or canada, so can you please enlighten me on this?
  6. haha yeah like 70 % of the students are doing it
  7. yeah so im gonna start IB next year and I'm off for doing a bilingual diploma of french and english. im wondering what does it bring special? like for a job maybe? or getting into university, do i get an advantage? lol but normally when i will go to university, australia most probably, i would want to study computer science
  8. hey what is the best university in australia, victoria for studying computer science or maybe software engineering. and what are the IB requirements
  9. haha its alright as at least i know it will be easier to get into a university lol
  10. haha actually I'm not looking towards UK or USA but australia. I know I'm an average student and my expectations is a 28-30. I looked up in Monash CS and even maths studies is acceptable but as long as you get a 7. but of course ill stick to my math SL.
  11. I know you didn't ask for this, but I suggest that you take: Mathematics HL Physics HL English B HL ITGS SL Economics SL French A SL pretty similar to mine, yes, because I also want to study Computer Science and I wanted to study Software Engineering. just some info that might be valuable: - most, or all actually, unis require Math HL for both majors - for CS you are sometimes asked to take a science at HL. for SE you need to take Physics HL. - I don't think taking English B SL would help, so you picked the right choice: B HL - no university requires you to study CS or ITGS in IB for CS or SE,
  12. Hey so i have to choose my subjects next year for IB, i have taken Chemistry HL English B HL ITGS HL Maths SL French A SL X I was wondering which between biology or economics should i take as my third SL, CONSIDERING that i want to study computer science or software engineering at a university for a degree. and also in my IGCSE mocks i got a D in biology and B in economics.. so please help me out in this choice thanks.
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