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  1. Sleep. A lot. Watch all the movies I have on my "after IB list". Read all Harry Potter books like 50th time... Hopefully go to Holland for 2 months, then in August Northern Ireland I'll have a brother sometime in July so probably getting a bit excited about that too... And hopefully, around 17th of September being packed and ready to go to Newcastle University (:
  2. I had to take another answer booklet for P2 because somehow my writing went from left to the right and it looked terrible... Because of that I finished like a minute or so before time. It wasn't that bad I guess... Wrote an opening speech, really liked its topic. Guess the worst is still to come, 13-17 for me...
  3. Hm I chose that topic as well but right now I've already finished it (finally, firstly I chose different title and had to write whole new essay... -,-). You can start by defining what how do you understand "knowledge" and "understanding". Stay out from strict definitions found somewhere - be creative
  4. Hi all! So bascially I'm having English B HL written assignment tomorrow and I chose to write my work on Sophie's Choice. Still, I can't decide on exact topic. Wondering on writing a page from a diary from Larry's point of view (Nathan's brother) or Sophie herself when she saw Stingo for the very first time... Or anything else... Anyone read this book and maybe have some suggestions?
  5. Well, I was thinking the start of January because I'll be done with all the lab reports, portfolios, EE, IAs etc...
  6. Hi, So basically I'm having exams in May and therefore it's time to start revising... I've never been good in planning revisions etc., simply because I didn't need to. Polish curriculum which I did before IB was constructed the way that I didn't have any REAL exams before and for now I stuck cause I have no idea how to plan it... Any tips? How do you guys prepare/prepared for your exams? My subjects are in my signature. Any help would be great
  7. Cambridge, UCL, Lancaster or Birmingham - med schools... Today I got an offer from Newcastle for Biomedical Sciences - bakup option for Medicine... Pretty much I'm in - 34 points, I'm predicted 42... Waiting for interviews' invivations
  8. IB is... different. Well, at least different than normal Polish high school, I don't know how it looks like in your country. It's easy to say that you'll be fine as long as you don't put things off for the last moment. Actually, there are THOSE moments during IB when you simply feel like you can't do anything, that you're not good enough but you're sooo tired... Then you start to procrastionate. Then you're screwed. Just try to keep balance between things you really enjoy doing, chilling and studying.
  9. Hello everyone, I have a question... And I'd REALLY appreciate any help! I have a task to write IA from Biology (design). The only thing our teacher told us is the topic: polygenic inheritance. I've looked everywhere for some ideas or examples but couldn't find anything useful. The deadline is this Friday and right now I'm really starting to panic... Any ideas? Anyone? Maybe even a small hint?
  10. Psychology SL and English HL... Mainly because of great teachers.
  11. Hi guys, One of the user on this forum actually inspired me (yes, I'm talking about Gaby here, greetings from Gdańsk ) and I thought why not? So here it is, my blog about life in IB... http://definition-of-awkward.blogspot.com Any comments or remarks will be appreciated
  12. Applying for medicine is a little bit more complicated than any other courses. You'll still be applying through the CAO website and you'll still be able to list up to 10 level 8 courses that you want to take. However, like the UK, we have an aptitude test called the HPAT. Registration for it will open in November and I believe is done online (I haven't applied for medicine so I'm not too sure of the little details). You take the HPAT around February and results will be out at the end of April and will be sent to the CAO. It's scored out of 300. Then you have to organise to get your IB results
  13. Chemistry HL, each paper... Without any doubts.
  14. No, in Psychology EE you're not expected to set up a study or anything that's a good thing however I got stuck with this RQ for now... I can't find any useful books -,-
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