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  1. I enjoyed it. The only thing that was really disappointing was the fact that my teacher did not believe I could make it through HL when he hasn't seen my composition. He told me my theory was excellent and that I would have no problem analyzing the music. Sigh, if I could go back, I would have definitely force my IB Coordinator to let me take HL. Same exams and investigation. Just different IA's.
  2. Wait, are you in SL? Because the prescribe work for next year is different.
  3. Time Zone 1~ Bleh, I was mad at the fact that I didn't get to finish. ;-; But yeah, I'm glad that Paper 1 was on the whole League of Nation. Totally wish that it gets mix-up. Haha~ more points, pleeease? Paper 2 totally killed me. x_X I felt horrible and... bleh, I don't think I've written well since I was on a time restraint. ;-;
  4. Having a stupid teacher who lied to me that IB Music SL took two years when we actually crammed everything down this last year, you can honestly take IB Music in one year... unless you're doing HL. You really don't need much musical background to start off (two people in our class didn't know how to analyze or read music at all in the beginning of this year and now learned a lot through their independent studies) - you should be learning that as the year progresses through your analysis and such. There should also be independent studies on some music theory in order to help you analyze recordi
  5. Let's admit it - BS. Helped me during my summer classes at a university. And it totally made me the biggest nerd on campus. Especially in those philosophy classes - people are like, "Holy crap, this girl is speaking in terms we don't know!" Thank you, TOK... Debates never got harder for me. Now I can just confuse the person and know if they're BS-ing in our lovely debates. >8D I also learned that typing essays are not as bad as I thought... darn you EE... look what you made me turn into. And the last thing I learned: ... I actually didn't have a real social life... it was basically focused
  6. I think it's safe to say that we're a bit tired of the Baroque period... I know I am, but I am still in love with Pachelbel's "Canon D". I honestly love the East Asian musical culture, but it's probably because I am actually more familiar with it than other cultures.
  7. I despise that stupid TOK Presentation and History IA.
  8. Honestly, it's not that hard and doesn't need that much... well, it only took me 3 months to actually investigate and a week to put everything together. Anyways... just choose two different musical cultures (for example, Italian opera and Peking opera) that has at least one musical tie. Then just research for background information for each of them, then analyze a piece that represents each culture. After analyzing, you compare the two of them stating the similarities and differences. That's pretty much it... also, it's in media format.
  9. Well, for one thing, you should really stick with the music subject unless you can analyze every musical aspect and show how it relates to the concentration camps. I have yet to listen to the music, but an example you might find is the song being in a minor key with dramatic rhythm on measure ## as the harsh conditions going through the camp and telling a story of some of the victims there.
  10. Haha, must be that I had Math Studies. I actually enjoyed mine since I chose a very interesting topic and had a perfect score on it. XP I think Biology is gonna be hard for me since it is my weakest subject and I have no idea what's going on when we do our practice labs in class. @[email protected];;
  11. Okay, so it IS 25 minutes, correct? Not 15 minutes? Also, if you're choosing on to sing, can you mix yourself singing overlapping parts? Like when a song is usually sung as a duet and there are overlapping parts, can you record both parts? Sees how much my teacher really gave me details. He just said, "Just record them, just record them." which gets me angry. But really, thanks for a lot of help! Really appreciate it!
  12. Yeah I know we don't honestly need to take Music Theory, but the teacher keeps telling us to learn Music Theory, and that's what's freaking me out. D= I mean I can look at a score and tell you the basic things. =\
  13. I'm freaking out here. I don't know what the IB requires from 2010 Music SL students. The only thing our teacher told us are the Investigative Questions, Recordings for our solos, and analysing the opera. He also told us that we're required to do a performance for school like ensemble or band, which is making me suspicious since I have not heard of that yet. o_o;; Help?
  14. Thanks for your help! I chose the Protestant Reformation since my supervisor thought it was something interesting to do as well. I just have to be careful to not merge it into a World Religion paper.
  15. I guess the reason why I believe it's easy to get a 7 is because our English teacher drills it on us and makes us do practices and guides us through it. Also, I'm one of those students who does get As on her English papers... o.O;;
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