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  1. Alright thank you so much! Yea I understood why it's sixth Thanks once again!
  2. Yea 6t polynomial looks right! But do I actually say I used Excel to find out? What explanation do I give to it? And then when I analytically develop a model do I simply use x^6 + x^5 + x^4 + x^3 + x^2 + x^1 + x^0?
  3. Cubic looked quite right and why sixth polynomial? :/
  4. Hi! I'm in the second question of this IA :/ When they ask for the types of functions that could model the behaviour of the graph? I got a linear graph :/ (as Population is directly proportional to time (years)) so is that the only function that can model it? OR what? EDIT: Why can it be modelled with every function? :/
  5. Thanks a lot! It looks like a great forum!
  6. Aumm none of these courses were anything I looked for :/ But thanks anyway! Does anyone know Stafford University? I found a course that really looked perfect for me! I searched for reviews and found mostly good ones (although they did comment that the university had a major sausagefest issue ) but only 1 was for This course which looked really perfect because it included both level design and animation. So I wondered, does anyone know anything about the course? How good it is?
  7. I never done programming and I'm now 'playing' with Blender to check out modelling and animation And Level Design is something I'd try when Skyrim would come out and I'll be able to play around with the construction set I think that if there will be time between animation and level design I'd be studying Blitz and maybe some more. Before January 15th though I must know what I wanna do so hopefully I'd have enough time But I need Universities to check out, I obviously cannot study it or work at it in the future without any higher education haha.
  8. Hi! I came to the conclusions a month ago that I want to work in the Games Industry but I'm not sure what... I know I would love to be an animator but I never took art, although I do love drawing I never had the proper training. I thought about Level Designing/Building or something close. Do you know of any good, not too expensive universities in the UK, US or Australia that teach Game courses? Also, do you think I still have a chance to become an animator even without any training in art? Do you know if there are any foundation courses etc. in art that I can take so I will be able to study i
  9. THanks for the response! My supervisor was wrong then, since she told me that I should look at how different people have different pain thresholds... The problem is that only one of the hands was on cold water, I did the tests on the other one which was out of the water because what my supervisor and I came up with (and she approved) was that I'd check how people's attention works under pressure and pain. Now she did not even correct me when I showed her the research I've done about when I said that under these conditions, or, what up until now I though, would be also caused by cold water, a
  10. I already got an OK from the supervisor, so that's fine. And about how the whole cold pain thing should apply, well first thing that popped up in my head was Eskimos - they live in a sub zero (or close to that) environment but still need to carry on day-to-day activities (hunting, just going out etc.) The whole thing comes back to Habituation though (Which is caused by the brain gradually over time producing less Calcium ions to weaken the strength of the messages the brain sends to the nerves) - which is something I'd be talking about in the conclusion and evaluation. Also, I can talk about
  11. Well, I don't have to necessarily focus on the cold water right? All I want is for the volunteers to feel pain and stress that might divert their attention from whatever they are doing to the pain they are feeling from the cold water. So what about: "To what extent can one's pain threshold (or pain resistance)divert his/hers attention from pain caused by freezing water to simple motoric and sensory tests (or vice versa)?" The first part is the lab part where I see how significant is the difference between the control test and the actual test (using the Student's T-test), and if that's not sign
  12. Hi everyone! So I'm now starting my second year of IB (finally) and have to finish working on my EE. Thing is, that I'm REALLY stuck at the beginning. My research is about (hopefully you'd understand)"How Cold Water Sensorially and Motorically Affects Attention". Basically, I take a volunteer, put his hand in cold water and then do sensory and motoric tests on the other one (Two Point Discrimination, A line test, where you have to draw a line between two wiggly borders and not pass through them and a Stereognosis test where you have to feel some LEGO structures and describe them with adjectiv
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