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  1. Sorry, I misunderstood your initial request. I can't choose for you, but try looking at any of these: Mozart_effect_-_Nantais_1999.pdf MozartEffect.pdf haloeffect.pdf ChameleonEffectChartrand_Bargh_1999.pdf Loftus and Palmer (1974) You need something that you can discuss well. So make sure you include that in your decision making process.
  2. Here are the ethical guidelines that I used: IAEthicalGuidelines.pdf. These are from 2001 but they are still valid and good to use.
  3. If you google the ethical guidelines for the psychology IA that should give you some indication of what you can and cannot do. Once you have a grasp of these rules look through studies that you have looked at in class and choose one that is easy to replicate within the guidelines and in a school settting. Most IA's are about memory as there is very little deception and they are easy to replicate in a classroom.
  4. Mainly because there will be less of a distraction in silence. No, I don't understand why.
  5. The silent condition will just be silence, and the rock condition will be a thirty second long instrumental taken from The White Stripes song Little Acorns. Neither of the conditions will have any lyrics. I hypothesize that the silent condition will return more correct answers.
  6. So, would you call these operationalized: "The independent variable (IV) was whether music was played i.e. “silence” or “rock music,” and the dependent variable (DV) was the recall ability of the participants, based upon the number of correct answers given, in the questionnaire they completed out of eight questions." Also the IA title is "The effects of music upon memory."
  7. For my IA I need to operationalize the IV and the DV, my teacher mentioned how to do this but I got confused. Could someone just give me a method with an example please?
  8. Yes these are the TOK titles for May 2013. They shouldn't be different to these ones. This is the sheet you should get when you begin on the essays: May 2013 Titles 1.pdf
  9. Im not sure when the schedule will be released, but if you speak to your schools exams officer or the IB coordinator they can probably keep a look out on the IBO website for you. That is what I have done, just asked two members of staff to keep me in the loop.
  10. Yeah, I got muddled with Oxbridge applications. :/ Then I would suggest attempt to impress your teachers as much as possible, so excellent coursework and really make an effort. Make sure you do well on the October mocks!
  11. Individual universities work in different ways, the best way to find out this information is to contact the universities directly. Talk to the admissions departments about how their admissions work. Find out if you are sorted through a computer before consideration by a human, if you are then you are more likely to get a rejection from this university. When are your October mocks, I thought law was an early entry course? If they are after October 15 then lean on your teachers, just a little bit, see if you can squeeze out the two extra points. The only danger from this is if you don't get thos
  12. To calculate the uncertainty for the average you sum the uncertainties and divide by the number of trials: [(±0.02)+(±0.02)+(±0.02)+(±0.02)] / 4 = ±0.02 If the stopwatch gives values like 20.54s then, I would have thought the uncertainty would be ±0.01s. But I am not entirely sure about that.
  13. I think that you are referring to the IB learner profile, it can be found at the front of the syllabuses. It reads like so:
  14. I forgot to add: Youtube , Richard Thornley - Section by section coverage of the IB syllabus, incomplete but regularly updated. Very specific and breif, I find it great for 'on the fly' revision.
  15. For all those studying chemistry, this is a list of all the online resources that I have found to help me. I hope that they help you too. IB Chemistry Blog, by Dr Liakatas - This site has handouts for all the topics and goes through key definitions. Kstruct IB notes, by Matthew Shepherd - Fairly comprehensive set of notes by a former IB student (1998). Chemactive lessons and notes - Set of lessons and and notes for IB chemistry. Notes and powerpoints, by Adam Skagen - Powerpoints for chapters 1-10, with two option chapters. SL Chemistry notes - Notes specifically for the standard level specifi
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