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  1. I find that a LOT of people do questions similar to that. That means that if you want a high mark you'll probably have to do something outstanding or with a different twist on the analisys. Buuuut, if you want to use it I'd start by collecting results (You'll probably want at least 100). You can make a survey on SurveyMonkey for free and send the link to people to complete if you like. Or, if you know enough people, you can survey them yourself. But if you only ask certain people, like only people from your school, you should mention that in your analysis and how it might affect the data.
  2. A quick survay for my Myers Briggs. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/V87VNL8 I've been answering everyone else's so perhaps this could be returning the favor?
  3. -edit-Ah! beaten to it Nope, but two younger brothers. NP's read a book recently that wasn't assigned by their school.
  4. According to my supervisor, I'm getting a predicted B+ on my Sherlock Holmes A1 EE.
  5. I think this would be a great reference for not only me, but other people thinking about a topic. What are some topics or questions for the History IA that have simply been overdone? Ones that would make the person marking roll their eyes at?
  6. Yup. A polar bear that sits at the end of my bed. NP is a vegetarian.
  7. My goal is to get into Sheridan College for animation, but I doubt that'll happen on my first try as about 800 people are competing for 125 spots and only about 20% of the people who get in are straight out of high-school... if I don't get in I'll apply for their foundation course. And if after that I still don't get in, it's off to Concordia in Montreal or Emily Carr for me(still for animation).
  8. Going to a university in the US would be considerably more expensive than one in Canada. There are lots of quality universities in Canada, and UofT is no exception. There are loads of things to do in Toronto and the city is influenced by loads of worldwide cultures. I'm pretty sure some universities allow students to study abroad for a certain amount of time as well. Of course, if you're set on going to Texas, search for scholarships! There are scholarships in just about anything, not just academics. If you feel that Texas would be best for you, go for it.
  9. That's not exactly the conclusion I would draw from that example... By sending over food and medicine and decreasing the child mortality rate, families would no longer need to have as many children because they aren't expecting as many to die. Also, by providing food and medicine families and children don't have to struggle as much to simply keep themselves alive, giving them time to focus on something like an education. We can still send money, it's just no one will care how nicely a school in their town is built if they have to choose between going to it or eating that night.
  10. -editin, because I'm crazy and forgot that KI are different- You'll have to watch out that you don't end up focusing more on the scientific side of dream analysis. My old TOK teacher used a student's presentation on the subject as an example of a bad presentation. The student spent the entire time explaining what symbols and things in a dream meant and how they might have been determined by ways of knowing. As interesting as it was, it wasn't a good TOK presentation and it received bad marks. Unless you've got something really clever in mind, I think you'd probably need the steer away from th
  11. I'm having trouble with narrowing down my History IA question and am having difficulty with knowing where to start. My research question is something like: What were the major causes for Gorbachev's lack of response in preventing the fall of the Berlin Wall? My three paragraphs would focus on: - The failure of the 5 year plan and its effect on the Russian Industry - The Afghanistan Occupation - The threat of another war(I'm not too sure about this one) I'd love to hear some feedback on this. Anything I should know before going for this topic? Is the question I have problematic? Do tell! Cons
  12. In my opinion eating meat is less about whether or not you do, but more how you go about doing it. I doubt that it is healthy for people to be eating as much meat as we do. For those people who argue that it's only natural for us to eat meat as part of our diets this is a valid point. However, this doesn't mean you should be downing half a chicken each day. There's all this hype about going vegetarian but I think someone who cuts right back on the meat and is conscious of where it comes from (Because the healthier the cow, the healthier the beef. I can't say a hormone-pumped steak is very g
  13. I find that studying a book in english class generally saps the joy from it. For example: My class only studied the first part of Great Expectations. I could hardly stand it. Then, on my own time and without the actual need to I finished it and enjoyed the rest of the book. Though Such a Long Journey was painful. It was just that: such a long journey.
  14. Hmm let's see... - Tally Hall - The National - Kasabian - Ayreon - Tankus the Henge - White Lies - Donkey Boy - Infadels - Fischerspooner - Skrillex - Freelance Whales - Hawksley Workmen - Final Fantasy - Of Montreal I highly recommend all of them, though the music genres are varying to say the least
  15. 1. What is your real name and what are any nicknames you have? Serena. Though close friends call me 'Fish' or 'Fisher' because of my last name. 2. Where are you from? I was born in England but grew up in Canada 3. Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours. 4. What are you passionate about? 5. What will you be like when you're 75? I'll be one of those extreme grannies who hide behind the facade of being placid. Yanno, invite my grandchildren over for cookies and then whip out the nunchuks for a training session. 6. Current favorites: Color, book, music, film. I have no favorite colour.
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