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  1. I visit 9gag everyday haha ... but I'm doing fine at school. I'd like to say that that it doesn't affect people's grades at all, but of course, you shouldn't let yourself be too occupied by something like 9gag.
  2. Everyone needs a balance. It's not just completely one way or the other. That's the point of the IB, right? To educate young people in a balanced way? That's why we have stuff like CAS in addition to our subjects, and all sorts of other elements too. That said, I do know some people who treat CAS as an academic subject. An extreme point of view, in my opinion.
  3. One does not simply stop procrastinating. It's a process, I suppose. All you need to do is remember your priorities. I personally enjoy doing research for essays and assignments, it's just actually doing the homework that bores me. You can have activities outside of school and still be able to complete your homework. If it helps, imagine deadlines are actually closer than they are. My productivity increases as deadlines draw nearer, so I pretend that homework due in two days is actually due tomorrow, for example. Still, I sometimes end up procrastinating on certain pieces of homework anyway. T
  4. I am an introvert. The definition provided in the first post describes me completely. No, introverts are not depressed and/or anti-social. I can communicate fine with other people, I can crack jokes with my friends, laugh out loud etc. and I am sure other introverts are the same or more-or-less similar. But of course, I would much prefer being alone or at least in a quiet place (like a library) rather than in a place full of people, like shopping malls or bustling restaurants or clubs, although I do not mind the company of my closer friends or family. I prefer spending time with close friends
  5. Of course, you need a combination. For some, working hard is natural for them, and for others, their innate ability to simply learn and understand is natural too. For some people, they are both not hard-working and also lack natural genius. Because everyone is different, the difficulty of combining both intelligence and hard work is different for each individual. A synthesis of both intelligence and hard work is most important, in my opinion.
  6. In my opinion, it doesn't matter whether we discover new facts or find new ways of thinking about current facts, as long as it is beneficial in some way. Currently, I am not sure what I'm leaning towards: new facts or new ways of thinking. It's a bit confusing, as it highly depends on the different contexts of the myriad of real-life situations we can come up with. Also, there is the slightly equivocal nature of the definition of the word 'fact'; it depends on people's perspective, once again. I'm planning to use natural sciences and ethics as my areas of knowledge. I'm not sure what ways of k
  7. I did my presentation on "To what extent does physical attractiveness affect our judgment of another person?" We did our presentation in the form of several skits, so we acted out several scenes and I made the script. We also had a small PowerPoint presentation but it was mostly pictures with one of us speaking. Basically, the slides had little to no words. We also had a few clips about how modern technology can deceive us (like doctoring photos) and we also showed this funny Japanese commercial about a nurse who looked like a drunk on her ID but was really pretty in reality (thanks to make-up
  8. Hi. Does anyone know what the parameters are? We are asked to define parameters, variables and constraints. So far, I listed +Gx and time as the variables, but I'm not sure what the parameters are supposed to be. Any help will be appreciated.
  9. Yes, I heard that the cost of living is pretty high over there. Oh well, at least it must be cleaner and safer than where I live currently. Plus, I really need to experience a new environment and UBC seems to be really good. My friend's sister lives in Vancouver and goes to UBC, and she says that she doesn't want to move anywhere else, not in the near future anyway.
  10. Umm, Mondays for me. Indonesian, Math, Chemistry, Geography, English, 70 minutes each. Although considering all the schedules above, this is probably nothing.
  11. I can speak Indonesian and English and a tiny, minuscule bit of Chinese (ni hao, wo ai ni, yi er san ...) I barely speak Indonesian, even though it is my mother tongue. In fact, I even have some difficulties when speaking in it, although when I listen to other people talking in Indonesian, I can understand it perfectly. I primarily talk, write and read in English. I try to read anything in English if it's possible. Even translated versions of Indonesian books into English. Some meaning is lost in translation, yes, but for the most part, the important themes and events of a book is still prese
  12. There are pros, and there are cons. Just like there are pros and cons for being an extrovert. It's just that it seems to be "bad" because many people tend to assume that introverts are "loners" or "very shy" on first impression, and therefore assume that these introverts will face difficulties in communicating with others in society. Also, extroverts are more outspoken than introverts, which make them appear to have more complex emotions and thoughts than introverts, but I think that it's the other way around. Introverts seem to be much more observant of other people and their surroundings too
  13. One of the universities I'm planning to go to is the University of British Columbia in Canada. A speaker from UBC came to my school once and it sounds really interesting, especially because they seem to prioritize IB students so much. Hopefully, I'd get some kind of scholarship when applying there since it's really expensive to study at UBC for an international student. Anyway, do any of you plan to go there? Or have any of you been there already? What's it like? Quite a few number of students who've graduated from my school have headed there and received partial scholarships rather easily. Va
  14. I've always wanted to be an author. I've been writing since I could put pen on paper. Or maybe crayons on paper. But I figure I don't need a degree to become a fiction writer, so I want to study biochemistry and do something in labs and stuff. Or possibly even environmental chemistry.
  15. Let's just say I researched online. Hehe ... Anyway, I'm almost done with the portfolio. Thank you so much for your help. I finally found a way to explain how I got the general statement and all I need to do now is to complete the document with headers and footers, a cover page and other fancy stuff.
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