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  1. Hello, I am doing my internal assement only do I know realize that they are to be taken seriously, How will my final ib mark be affected if I end up dooing poorly on the IA?
  2. Yes, remember you want originality, aim for something other than statistics seeming as a majority of the population does it, then again I am assuming.
  3. Hello, we did an experiment of heat of neutralization. The objective is to calculate the molar heat of neutralization we are using calorimeter to determine the heat transferred and hence the heat of neutralization, DeltaH ( rxn) we have 2.00M NAOH and 2.00M HCL . and collected 25 mL of each solution. My question here is how do you calculate the above? I need a gerneal sense of idea of what to do, and it's due tomorrow. I'm keeping my cool and calm to not freak out and so far it is working here with you people. You guys are very helpful. I also want to know for the calculations part, how d
  4. That helped alot, it cooled my worries. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. You're thinking too much about those grades, but in reality it's not about getting or recieving those 7's. It's the journey you take along the way to reach your goal, Y O U R GOAL. Work Hard, Be willing but at times of failure and downfall keep strong. It's better to be surprised then expected, where's the fun in that?
  6. I have a question. Is the learning perspective from the old syllabus ? If so, then is the social cultural perspective the replacement in the new syllabus? Or are they the same thing? What's different about the two syllabuses? The reason last year's class didn't so well on the exams was because of the change in syllabus and it was more dominantly heavy on hormones in the questions? I just want to prepare myself for this years exams, but obviously I have been doing it wrong studying the wrong syllabus.
  7. Will the 2012 Nov. exams be the same as the May 2012 exams? Or are they completely different?
  8. [html]Are these notes fit for the 2011 syllabus ? Or are they for the old syllbaus?[/html]
  9. IB is about wanting to do it and sticking out to do it til the end. In that it requires courage and dedication, it shows you You can really DO IT. It makes you work hard so you can show yourself you can succeed, that is why I reccomend it , not for anybody, but yourself.
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