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  1. Fermat


    Hi guys, I am writing an IA and had some problems with the uncertainties. For example: My answer is 0.1mol and the uncertainty is 0.00025, does this mean that my answer has to be 0.10000? I believe that my teacher told us that the answer needs to have the same amount of decimals as the uncertainty. Or can I just leave it as 0.1? Thanks in andvance!
  2. Led Zeppelin Jimi Hendrix Cream Rolling Stones Oasis The Doors Pink Floyd Bob Dylan Johnny Cash The Velvet UndergroundSome hip-hop: Wu tang clan A tribe called quest The pharcyde Mobb Deep Mos def Nujabes Nas Biggie
  3. I actually did that this year (and got a 7). It wasn't that hard since I'm in Math HL and we'd covered a lot of the SL content. I did nearly every single past paper (including the different time zones) and that helped tremendously. So my advice would be that you go for it if you're willing to put some extra time into doing past papers. Also, remember that the IA's count for 20% of your grade so you should put some time and effort into those.
  4. Check out http://khanacademy.org and http://patrickjmt.com/. Both give some pretty tutorials with examples. And just a quick Google search gave me this site: https://sites.google.com/site/bentleysclass/math-classes/ib-standard-level-part-2/hand-outs-practice-test-work-sheet-etc which might be worth your time. Other than that you can always look up some past papers and do the calc parts.
  5. Thought I'd update mine. Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond Pink Floyd - One of these days Love - Alone again or Jimi Hendrix - Are you experienced The Beatles - Blue jay way
  6. Unfortunately, Geogebra does not have an arctan function (as far as I know). It has a bunch of other one's you might want to try. So if you need any help with Geogebra feel free to PM me.
  7. Get good grades in high school -> get into good university -> get a good (and enjoyable) job -> enjoy the rest of my life. Basically, I want to succeed and do something with my life and working hard seems like the best way to do so.
  8. Fermat

    Applying to Cambridge

    Thanks for the clarification!! I've looked at the TSA tests but does anyone here (who goes to Cambridge or Oxford) want to share their experiences about the "test at interview" part?
  9. Like everyone else said, no further books should be needed. However, if you want, this one might be helpful: http://www.amazon.com/Still-Procrastinating-Regrets-Guide-Getting/dp/0470611588
  10. Hi guys, I was researching the economics course at Cambridge and the application process today and there was something I didn't quite understand. I was under the impression that there is only one university of Cambridge (like one campus) but on their website (http://www.study.cam.ac.uk/undergraduate/courses/economics/) there seems to be quite a few. So are these "sub uni's" of Cambridge or how does it work? Are some better than others? And if you go to the link I attached, you'll see the different assessments for the course and I was wondering, what do they mean by "test at interview"? Will th
  11. Granted but only to and from school. I wish for a wish that cannot be corrupted.
  12. Where do you want to study medicine? Because I was going to suggest that you maybe take French SL (unless you are required to take HL).
  13. I couldn't agree more with this quote. The summer before I started IB I bought a Math HL book and practiced as much as I could. This benefited me enormously as Math HL is really difficult. But if you feel that your subject choices are not too much for you, then just enjoy your free time because you will learn to miss it once you start the IB.
  14. Fermat

    Sweden Vs. Scotland

    Sweet, Scotland seems like a great choice then because I wouldn't have to pay for tuition (it's free for Swedes right?). What about the living cost? It's not a big problem since I won't be paying for tuition but I'm just curios because I heard it's really expensive living in the UK.
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