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  1. DO NOT SKIP THOSE!!! Study those. They are asked the most, like she said! Just skim them, and know the basics. My options this year are ecology and human physiology/neurobiology. Cells, cell respiration/photosynthesis, and ecology are some of the most asked questions/essay questions. Also know the drawings!! Human digestive system, heart, etc. Don't stress... I have my exam in few days and I haven't even studied
  2. SoCleo

    History exam...?

    Paper 1 is usually an hour. You're school department chooses the paper 1 topic. This year mine was on peacemaking/peace keeping. There are just analyzing documents.. I hope they went over the structure of it. THen on paper 2 it's 2 hours for SL (I think..). With 2 essays to write from, and I think SL has 2 or 3 Topics, where to choose one question from each topic. you should speak up and try to get your teacher to organize more.. becuase if not there is a lot of issues with a teacher not knowing the curriculum. I've had friends fail their physics Ib exam this year because hte new physics teach
  3. SoCleo

    IB grade

    The questions are very narrow, while some are vague. You should study what you think you'll know the best- Russia with Stalin and Lenin, Alexander II and III showed up. If you have Egypt with Interwar years, study that along with Hitler/Mussolini. There isn't much that you can do if you try to cram you won't remember it all... so make sure to take breaks and not stress yet. Not the end.
  4. LOL! I'm not, that getting back after they insult is my older Bf haha. Though I suck at it, and I play World of warcraft more oops
  5. I play! Wanna be buds? I'm a non-nerdie girl btw lmao
  6. I'm in HL Art. My Senior year, and to tell you the truth- sometimes your best work is in a creative piece. Art can calm you, and it's fun, but also you get to do what you want usually in IB Art, so pretty much you could be practicing some architecture/building pieces But in Art you do investigations too! You talk and critique your own art work to your examiner! It opens you up! DO IT. I found a lot more of myself when I took up IB Art.
  7. I did this one.... Don't do anything with humans. It's not that simple and obviously males are going to be bigger than females blah blah blah. My teacher recommended measuring the length between different flowers- like hydrangea plant flower heads on the top of plant in the sun, and the ones on the bottom of the plant in the shade. Or if you have more than one hydrangea plant, measure the one in the sun vs. the one in shade. But it has to be 10 or more pieces of data (numbers) to perform a t-test for quantitative data. I did mine on bamboo leaves from different height of plants and/or the pla
  8. I know this is going to sound soo... hmm unoriginal, but I totally believe in it, and live to it (well try even living with parents is hard). You only live life once as who you are, even if your spirit goes when you die, you still live once to the greatest. Since it's ONLY once, no second chances. Live life to the fullest: continuing that achieving happiness, and going to die with a BAM, not with a spurtering splat. Fullfilling your happiness and doing what you want, to the greatest day, till your life ends. Don't just give up- our age of generation can achieve anything with their intellectual
  9. I'm going into my senior year as an IB student... My school has never given us course companion guides, etc. Just the books we need, course syllabus, and some study guide books from Biology. You just need the school essentials, after that usually the school gives you the class books you need. It's really up to you, I've never had course companion or guides. I follow the straight syllabus and divert into more questions or information when I want to know more.
  10. I'm in HL Biology. Honestly, you have to have the time, the patience, and the willpower to want to do good. I am the type to do things as best I can. To really get a 6 or 7 on your exam you have to have genuine interest in the subject. Go over and over your notes, read, re-do the diagrams. Ask questions, and keep adding notes that you think will help you. If your teacher is good, and she's been doing it for a few years she will try to prepare you guys with the core syllabus but than go above and outta reach a bit with extra information she thinks might be helpful. I love biology and I'm just h
  11. Hmmm lets see: I start the 31st- next wednesday. I haven't remotely even done anything with the EE, I have a lab for biology and a powerpoint for bio with readings to finish.... Haven't done any of it. Have to do it all in a week
  12. I think I'm the only one here that wants to be a Marine Biologist, maybe a biological illustrator (minor in art). Take some zoology classes as well. I use to want to be a vet, I love animals, or be a doctor but I don't feel like being sued. I'm a ditzy blonde soo I make mistakes hehe.
  13. Some already do exist. I know my Biology teacher loves to use IB and other topic videos made by students, on youtube. But MORE and any of them would be helpful
  14. Don't freak!!! You seriously aren't giving up all that much more than you would if you didn't take full IB. If you are a full IB diploma candidate, you are just adding maybe 3 extra hours to your normal week of work. the EE my school does over our junior year summer into senior year. It's just a little bit more work... but I ALWAYS find time to hangout with my friends when I've done my work and planned a little ahead. Your friends and social life will happen, they are there and rewarding for you during school and after. It's not a social killer nor will you not be able to see them. Yes, you wi
  15. Sturgis charter Public School, Hyannis, Mass, USA
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