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  1. Madhavi

    IB Physics Exams

    I took the exams in May 2013, and I honestly didn't find them any difficult or any easier than previous years. The questions all are of the same pattern in general, so if you've done many past papers, and done them well, you'll do well on your exam for sure.
  2. It depends what you mean by strict. Seeing as how you've been so worried about plagiarism, I'm sure you've been pretty meticulous and hence you really have nothing to worry about. I was also really worried too, but honestly, as long as you've cited everything and put footnotes it's all good. I remember talking to my supervisor about it, and she said that if there is something unintentional, you can always appeal to the IB again if they believe you guilty of malpractice. Basically, I think that those little details are not much to worry about and you'll be fine!
  3. Hi, so I'm just starting my ToK presentation, but I can't find a good way to word my question, so I was wondering if you guys could help me with that, and also tell me if my knowledge issue is good, and if it can be investigated in a ToK-ish way. So I want to discuss how we decide what things we fear, whether it is instinctual, or whether there is a reasoning behind the creatures/situations we fear. So how about, To what extent does reason play a part in our fear of certain creatures/situations? Is that a good knowledge issue? Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. Well, your research question should be based on what you are researching, so exactly what factor of this punch are you going to be investigating. Your first question sounded easy, focused and seems to have potential, but it all depends on how you're planning to test it.
  5. I accidentally put a higher amount of significant figures for my percentage error, (stupid error, I know) but my teacher took points out from DCP because of that. I didn't know calculating the percentage error of an experiment was part of the DCP, isn't it part of the conclusion where you evaluate how accurate/inaccurate your experiment is? When I asked my teacher about it, she said it was, but my physics teacher said the opposite, so I just wanted to know how you guys have been taught. Thanks for your help:)
  6. In my school the "new World Lit" essays are called Works in Translation. From what our teachers have told us, its almost the same except you're only writing about one book instead of comparing two. Just write it the way you would a normal English essay, be analytical, discuss literary techniques, the effect it has on the reader, etc. But be sure to discuss cultural and contextual details since the IB really likes those. Works in Translation essays without mention of cultural aspects of the book tend not to score as well:) (all from what my teacher has told us, but he is a really good one, so I
  7. Okay, so I get the theory behind this lab, but the uncertainties are killing me. So, we had to measure the time it took for the iodine clock reaction to work. Then we have to get a straight line graph by plotting ln(time) and 1/Temperature. So the slope is Ea/R. But how do i determine the uncertainties on the 1/Temperature and ln(time) ? so for example if my temperature is 208 +/- 0.1 and time is 23s +/- 0.5s? how can i know what the uncertainty on 1/Temperature and ln(time) is? Any ideas will be much appreciated! Thanks!
  8. I'd recommend going with English HL. It is one that can help you in all the areas of IB. Also it seems to be your only option, unles you want to take Mandarin to HL, which is rumored to be quite hard. English HL is also hard, but if you're willing to put the work in, then it should be fine. As for being behind, well if you read the books, and just go over someone's notes from HL, I'm sure you'll be fine. In my school HL and SL English are together in one class and we haven't done anything different till now so I'm sure that should be fine
  9. Agricultural products are usually fixed by price floors because in the free market the prices of these goods would be so low that farmers would have a very low revenue. As a result in order to protect the farmers the government usually sets a price floor to agricultural goods. However this does not seem to be valid in your case as peanut prices are quite high already. Therefore in this case a price ceiling would be good in order to protect the consumers. And well then there is the evaluation that comes with that. Good Luck
  10. You could take Math HL, it might help you with Chem HL, but it is not required and is A LOT of hard work so you really want to think carefully before you take that. As for Economics and Geography, I would suggest Economics, its fun and not too hard either. But then again, it all depends on what you want to do.
  11. I have a tiny question. Does a high percentage uncertainty mean low precision? Or does it have nothing to do with it? Thanks for your help guys, lab reports totally screwing with my mind :/
  12. I wish I could take Psychology, its not offered in my school!!!
  13. Yeah, I know its crazy, but I am not completely sure about taking Law, so I'm leaving the Engineering option open. Okay, so Economics is generally easier than History I presume. I'm getting more and more convinced that I should drop that History, but are you sure that Economics will look as good for a Law application as History? Oh and thanks guys for your help, this has really cleared things up for me
  14. I'm betting that this topic has been covered a lot in this forum, but if you could bear with me, I'd like to bring it up again. The subjects that I have opted for are: HL Mathematics HL Physics Hl Chemistry SL History SL English Literature SL French B As you can see, my higher levels are not exactly easy, and then on top of that I hear that history is one of the hardest SLs. I don't want to load myself with too much work, but till now I've been getting decent grades (A or A+) in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and History. However, I'm considering switching my History with Economics seeing as it mi
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