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  1. A very basic example is provided here http://ibhelp.blogspot.com/2008/05/ib-math-studies-ia-project-example.html . Chi-squared tests do only work with certain data. Namely "When performing a chi-square test, your data must satisfy important assumptions. Although these assumptions may be stated differently in different textbooks, they generally assert that: 1) The sample must be randomly selected from the population. 2) The sample size, n, must be large enough so that the expected count in each cell is greater than or equal to 5. There are also assumptions about the independence of the test whi
  2. You can only change your choices up to 14 days after you send your application. Do like the person above suggested, and call Exeter. Clearing spots will go really quickly, especially since this year there are even more applicants than last year. Try your hardest to get top grades in your exams, as this will help in Clearing. If you're that uncertain about universities you like though, consider taking a year out and visiting several of them in that time. They have laods of open days, don't decide on Exeter on a whim. Loads of students I know have dropped out because they came to uni for the wro
  3. I've been to Manchester, although I don't attend the uni myself, and it's a great city. If I'd known that the city was that good I would've applied there myself. I'd say Sheffield and Manchester are the best academically out of the choices you have, but Glasgow is a good chocie as well. I've also visited Glasgow Uni and East Anglia as I have friends there. Glasgow's a beautiful uni, the Scots are really friendly and the city seemed good as well, although some English people warned me about crime statistics (personally I didn't think it was that bad). East Anglia university is nowhere near the
  4. 1st Lebanon war? The 2nd one is too recent to cover. Lebanon is a better option than Israel/Palestine because everyone does the second one. 3 people in my class did IA's on that, and it's "original" in the same way that doing an IA on Hitler/Mao is "original". You could do something on Lebanese/Syrian relations, or just Lebanon internally. Analyze whether or not religion was a more important factor in a certain conflict, or whether ____ was more significant?
  5. I spent a month in Paris with Alliance Francaise, their website is www.alliancefr.org . I didn't stay with a French family because that wasn't an option for people under 18, and found my own accommodation in a student "foyer". The age limit is a problem with quite a lot of French programs. I suggest Googleing, my sister did that and found a program run in Bordeaux and she then stayed with a French family that also hosted several other students. She was only 17 at the time.
  6. Uk university experience: I do very little work in uni. I realize this is because I'm in first year and am doing a BA in the UK, and first year grades don't count for your final degree grade (doesn't mean I don't try my hardest) but there honestly isn't very much work to do. I had one exam last semester for a module, and wrote 3 essays that were submitted 2 months apart. This semester I have slightly more work, but have 4 months to do it in. After writing an EE, having 3 essays all 3000 words long is nothing, especially since you have a lot more resources available to use for research thanks
  7. Vvi

    Unis in France

    My university has language exchange programmes with Rennes, Strasbourg, Lyon and Bruxelles. I'm planning on going to either Rennes or Strasbourg because I know too many people in Lyon to begin with that all speak English. Bruxelles is my last choice because if you want to learn in French, the Belgians speak French but France is much better for learning the language properly. I would say the Grandes Ecoles are much better than the universities, I think I originally read this off Wikipedia. However, it's still true that anyone who passes their French Bac (i.e. gets higher than 10 out of 20) can
  8. International Relations has nothing to do with languages. It's more like Politics, with theories of conflict and how countries interact. If you're interested in languages, you should study Linguistics and a language. Generally, medicine can't be combined with languages unless you take a year off in the middle of studying and go work abroad in a foreign country. But as said above, linguistic skills are always needed in medicine, so you could do well to study medicine and live abroad.
  9. If you are a 2010 student, be aware that there will be even more students applying for university places this year because there are more 18-year olds than in previous years, and over 100,000 students that applied for 2009 didn't get places. So there's a lot more competition, which means universities are very unlikely to offer places to students that don't meet minimum requirements. You could try applying for one or two courses where you don't meet the minimum requirements, but don't be a fool and do that for all 5. Pick at least 3 universities where you DO meet the requirements, because most
  10. I was Student Council President in IB1 for 2 reasons: a) The school has a policy that only juniors (so IB1 students) can be in the senior student council positions because IB2 students have too much work, and b) No one else wanted to be president. There wasn't a run-off for any of the positions, but they still made me get up and give a speech about what I was going to do. I said I'd do stuff for the middle school, because they always got neglected. The year before there was a run-off for the position of vice-president between 2 people, and the guy that made the emotive speech ("This has been m
  11. Yes, your question sounds good. You should pick one or two modern artists that use digital painting as their medium and compare the development of digital painting in relation to that of traditional painting, its importance and relevance today (why is it needed?), how commonly used digital painting is and its advantages/disadvantages over traditional mediums. Examine current trends that are occurring in the art world (what style is in vogue right now?) Then conclude whether or not, based on your own research, traditional mediums have become a thing of the past, and have really been replaced by
  12. Is this really something you always wanted to know the answer to? Well, I am pretty sure that they don't wear shorts under shorts, it is shorts/spandex under the skirt, so that is completely fine, huh? I do not understand your concern, its all clear.. Where did you hear about spandex under shorts? What I wrote was in reply to Irene's post here . She said that some girls wear spandex under their shorts because their shorts are too short without the Spandex. And what I said in reply was "Why don't the girls with short shorts buy longer ones, instead of wearing double layers?" Maybe they want t
  13. Your topic sounds fine, and I think you should stick to just one distance. If you're collecting data on world records from 100 years back, there will be enough information for you to make graphs and things. More distances= too broad a question. And the same goes for the progression/frequency thing. Either you try to work out if there's a pattern in the frequency of world records, and try to predict when the next one will occur (this could have soemthing to do with sequences, geometric or arithmetic, or it could be exponential, I'm just guessing here) OR you try to predict the next time that th
  14. I've been eating very little the last 2 months (having to buy your own food really means you skimp on everything), so if I had food for a week it probably wouldn't last more than a week even if I rationed it. But let's say if I ate like I used to when I was living with my parents...a month? Hopefully I'd be smart enough to figure out how to get off there in a month. Have you had cavities in your life?
  15. A2 languages are similar to A1, which means that you write literary essays and analyse texts. Don't worry about it, because you're doing B. And in order to score a 1 out 7 in French, you would have to be a complete idiot. The grade boundaries for a 1 would probably be 0-8 marks out of 60 (or soemthing similar), and very few students do that badly (According to IB statsitics). And even if you did get a 1 in French, you could still get your diploma provided you got lots of points in other subjects. I thought about suggesting learning French as an ab initio language as well, or taking some other
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