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  1. Hi everybody, A weird question question popped into my mind .. IF someone plagiarized in IB (One of his IAs for instance) ... Does he get informed with the decision of dismissing him after he does his final exams or just before them ?
  2. Hyunqul

    DCP graphs

    Thanks for your responses. I think I should discard this DCP to be in the safe side. But...Can I do pnly a design for this lab, the question will be "Which rice brand(or any other food) has the lowest carbohydrate content? " .. ?
  3. Hyunqul

    DCP graphs

    I am comparing the carbohydrates content in three brands of a certain food.
  4. Hyunqul

    DCP graphs

    Hello everyone, I am doing two DCP labs, both of which the graph produced are in the form of bar graph.s Hence, there are no trendlines or equations of the slope. So, does this account for an accepted DCP format ? Thanks.
  5. Yeah, I've read it.. But the answer to my question isn't included ..or it may be but I haven't noticed it. I'm still wondering whether I can state the opposite claim in the first paragraph, then write my own one as a counterclaim in the second paragraph...or my argument should be first, and followed by its opposing counter argument ? Thanks
  6. Hello all I'm writing about topic 3 (Bias and selection) ...my claim is that we can obtain knowledge despite Bias and selection In my essay , I placed opposite claim in the beginning (we cannot obtain knowledge) The counterclaim that followed that was my own claim (we can obtain knowledge) Is that structure correct ? or I must start with my own claim, then consider its opponents ? Thanks.
  7. Hello All I'm doing my lab report about acid base titration I'm attempting to calculate the concentration of given hydrochloric acid....I have two questions regarding this report : 1) Where can I a find a good graphing software to draw relations on graphs, and include uncertainties, error bars, line of best fit and equation of slope...many students use logger pro..but I really can't deal with it..if any one can give me some tips to use it or suggest another graphing software, I would be so thankful. 2) What is the accurate way of calculating uncertainties when taking the average ? For exampl
  8. ONLY CRITICAL THINKING : History , Politics , Psychology , ethics. CREATIVE THINKING : Arts , (I think philosophy as well).
  9. Add to that : -hypothesis (optional). -aim of the investigation.
  10. Hi all , I'm writing my A1 extended essay ... I'm wondering if I can include relegion in my essay , for example : "How did author X represent the jewish charachter? " Or : "Relegious symbolism in novel X) ... so..is there a problem with that ? Another question , what is the minimum number of resources I have to use ? Because some topics lack resources , although I can write about them perfectly by my own analysis. Thanks.
  11. Try to use a graphing software rather than excel .... like autograph ... that's what I do !
  12. Yeah that what I was told ... and what I did...I used the distance formula !!! SO , all my work in part B is flawed ?
  13. My teacher told me that generalizing and proving my results for Z^n=a+bi where their modlus is 1 is only requiring testing my conjecture obtained from Part A with those values which modlus is 1 ... if the conjecture works for all of them ... then this is the proof ... and all what I have to do is writing a statement generalizing my conjecture from part A saying that it works for all values where their modlus is 1. But Ithink that I have to formulate a new conjecture or equation in Part B ... right? I'm so confused.
  14. mm...yeah something near that . One more question , plz , does IBO inform the teacher about the true steps of the IA ? In other words , should I trust all my teacher's guidance in this IA ? cuz sometimes I think that his instructions are not enough or satisfactory.
  15. Can I prove my conjecture geometrically .... or it must be by induction ?
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