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  1. Thanks for replying Well, I don't have a lot of French movies, including the one that you suggested (which sounds interesting). So, it's better to link real-life issues to the movie or is it okay to just express our personal opinion on it? I got some war-related French movies; Un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles (A Very Long Engagement) and Joyeux Noel. How 'bout those?
  2. I got my Frech Oral presentation in early March, but I haven't really decided on a topic yet, let alone practice speaking about it. If I were to speak about a French Film, what is it that I'm supposed to talk about and what questions will probably be asked? And is there any specific kind of film that is recommended for a French Oral presentation? (I'm thinking about talking about Paris 36 or Lucky Luke, the 2009 film). Les Choristes have been done too many times, I think. Thanks for the help in advance
  3. you're welcome! hmmm well if you can find some method that is mathematical enough to get your general statement and everything, maybe it will do. keep in mind that they mark your use of technology (criterion E) a maximum of 3 marks. if you don't use any form of technology like graphing software then you'll get 0 for that criterion. matrices is one of the ways to get to your conjecture. should you need more info on the IA do let me know That's funny, cause the teacher didn't say anything about criterion E -- we only got criterion D and E... Now my IA looks darn ridiculous and too simple witho
  4. Wow, I didn't notice this before. Thanks a whole bunch for writing all that!!! Oh, and uh...I can't help but ask; people keep on mentioning using graph programs, matrices and all those complicated equations in the IA, but they aren't needed for the type I stellar numbers paper, right? It's either that, or there's something really wrong with my workings...
  5. Thank you! Should I include the graphics calculator in the introduction?
  6. So...I've just solved the whole stellar-number IA paper, and now I just need to start writing the report. But where to start? The teacher never gave us any guidelines... Is there any specific format of writing the IA, aside from the introduction and conclusion? And oh, what should we include in the introduction? Thanks a lot for the help.
  7. Wow, thanks a bunch for the suggestions and motivation! The problem isn't really me being lazy, but it's just that there's a whole lotta limitations and rules for CAS in my school. I almost reached the quota already (only a couple more easy hours to go), but it's that long-term stuff that's gonna be the death of me. I just don't know whether I could pass CAS with only seven (or six, minus the exam month) months... CAS projects <i>are</i> fun and rewarding, but for most of the time, they're forced upon with strict rules and things that kills the experience in my school. It's annoy
  8. Just to rectify something quickly, Australian university's DO accept the IB Certificate. And very easily I might add! My boyfriend is currently Studying a Bachelor of Engineering which was offered to him based on his Certificate results. Many people end up going to uni through certificate, so you can ALWAYS get into uni . As long as you meet the prerequisites, then it should be good good luck! Edit: The IB Certificate, in Australian schools, is done along with Australian normal "mainstream" exam(s), so this might have something to do with it. Thanks a lot for the answer! (That's what I'm lo
  9. Yeah...I'm sure I won't go to the UK, so I'm just searching for information regarding Australia's schools. As for the CAS, the class of 2012 practically got a whole lot of new rules, including a 'long term' CAS project. That means that you should take up a project and continuously do it for a period of eight months or more. If you don't do that, you basically fail. I only got a couple more hours to complete, which is an easy thing to do, with the projects that I've taken up. It's this long-term stuff that's hard to deal with. But then, thanks for the information, and the suggestions!
  10. I'm currently taking IB Diploma now, and still unsure of where to go. The stress is taking its toll on me, and I haven't even got a long-term CAS project yet, and there's only seven more months to go before graduating. So, the thought of dropping to IB Certificate came to mind, but I'm afraid that it's practically useless for university applications. All of the unis in Australia only accepts Diploma, and the same goes for Singapore and other IB supporting schools. What is the use of IB Certificate, exactly, and is there a way to get into a university with it? I'm planning to take communicatio
  11. So...hello, I'm new here, and I truly appreciate all the help I can get I'm taking History HL, and I'm having trouble writing the summary of evidence for a movie. The primary source's a BBC documentary about the Nanking massacre, and I don't know how to write the investigation regarding a documentary. Is anybody doing or have anybody done an investigation with a movie/documentary? If so, how do we go about writing the report? Are there any guidelines for this? Thanks a lot for the help.
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