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  1. Hey guys, I was an IB student, but now I try fund college by making apps. I loved Biology all through Highschool so I decided to make an app to help students learn the material. I'm a IB 7 Biology student and the app is, essentially, a succinct compilation of all my notes. I've attached pics as well. https://itunes.apple...48117?ls=1&mt=8 Thanks IB Biology Guide
  2. Yup, that's sound reasoning. In this year (TZ2) exam, externalities didn't show up in p1 or p2 but it came up in p3 as our teacher assumed . But with IB you never know , I definitely wouldn't take the chance.
  3. My class was very discussion based. However, unlike the notion that the criteria for IB TOK is very difficult to teach, my school provided an array of teachers who taught in very different manners. Though some were better than others, all of them (but one) had a number of students attain an A (in the presentation).
  4. Best sites for revision: Click4biology.info This is seriously the best site I have ever visited http://www.scribd.com/collections/2501655/Biology
  5. If you want to become a surgeon, make you sure understand full well what it entails . A surgeon is one of the most stressful jobs out there. You're always on call for surgery, which means you could be messaged to do a surgery in the middle of the night.... on consecutive days. Furthermore, once you get into surgery it's not over. You have to memorize, or in some cases, teach yourself (again) the surgery prior to operation and after the very first incision, the clock starts running. What many people overlook, when they perceive a surgeon's work, is the amount of pressure involved in the surge
  6. It is generally believed that bilingualism is beneficial for cognitive function .
  7. An alumni from my school did hers on Biology and investigated the effect different substances have on blood. Yes, she extracted her own blood etc and centrifuged it etc... Long story short, she got an A. However, I live in the philippines where this stuff is accessible; you may not have such accessibility. Our biology teacher does not discourage it. I don't think you could think of a topic like you would for a bio IA. You need to have a genuinely inquisitive research question, which requires a lot of investigation (raw data) and interpretation. I don't think you could merely correlate BMI with
  8. The best advice I can offer you is simple, if you're unclear about your future career prospects in college take classes with good teachers. Nothing is worse than having a subject that you aren't thattttttttttttttttt (very) interested in and having to teach it to yourself. Pick teachers with good track records.
  9. I liked: Oedipus the King by Sophocles Silence by Endo Shusaku Hedda Gabler was interesting too But we're going to read the Stranger and 1984 soon, and of which I'm excited to read.
  10. Provide a stance for or against the legalization of it . You're title: There is nothing morally wrong with the consumption of marijuana given its legalization.
  11. Well you'd have to cover the scientific method and how it proves validity. Then you go on to scrutinize it by saying that the scientific paradigm has been continually changing and so nothing is certain. However, by it changing, it is progressing towards the ultimate truth. But, how would we ever know that we have learnt everything there is to know?
  12. To what extent do we overlook the inner workings behind the things we do? Do we have to know the inner intricacies of something to fully utilize it? To what extent is the binary code a useful language?
  13. I think you touched on a good point there. However, not all introverts are study-maniacs. I think rather that they just like to tend to themselves. Sure, in most Asian cultures it is typical for classmates to be introverted but that's more due to their cultural customs and traditions to honor/respect the elder/wise. I think this thread is becoming too wound up in the notion that extroverts are generalized to be people like the stereotypical american school jock and that introverts are nerds. There is no causation for each, perhaps there are some stark correlations but they do not suffice a con
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