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  1. HMS, if you can't open docx files because you have the older version of Microsoft Office you can always download an update with a converter i had the same problem here is the link for that update.. it automatically converts docx to readable doc.
  2. What do you think of choosing only The Cold War for the May session? Is it reasonable and enough for the 1st and 2nd exam papers?
  3. So I'm going to study Business Management and now my two main offers are from Warwick and Aston Universites. I also have an offer from Lancaster University. And of course I have to make a firm and mabye an insurance choise. In my opinion Warwick is more respected in general, but I've heard that Aston has quite a good Business Department. And since I'm not living in the UK and I don't know much which University is more respected mabye someone could help me?? So which one is better at Business and which one is well known in general? And what do you think about Lancaster?
  4. thanks, but i managed to complete it and hand it to my teacher.. but now that i think i might have made a mistake. i planned to use HCl acid as "acid rain". but there is no HCl in acid rain! damn...
  5. thats quite an interesting topic.. choosing some global problems sometimes seems quite boring and this one will have a lot of real-life relation now my suggestion education talk about learning when playing games.. it should be one of the possitive arguments. when you play games you tend to learn some new words and phrases in english, which will be suitable in the future.. for example when playing GTA you can learn different types of clothing and you generally improve you english skills.. then in some online games there is a possibility to interact with other players.. on one hand you can le
  6. well bath university is considered quite a good one, so i think that they have a right to ask for 38.. offer for nottingham seems quite high, but it is economics. it is generally 1-2 points lower for business on the whole i believe that sometimes entry requirements are too small.. if you want to study at one of the top universities, you have to be one of the top students.. simple...
  7. i dont know whether there might be some exceptions, but generally no, you cannot decline your firm choice and take an insurance choice instead.. this is why you have to think a lot before taking a firm choice.. the fact that uni A asks for more, doesn't mean that it is better.. especially when the difference is just one point.. in this case i offer you do some research about both unis and decide which one you like more.. p.s. in general this system of firm and insurance choices is made in case you do not meet the requirements of your firm choice.. so it would seem quite illogical
  8. erm.. what is a banquet? i mean what occasion?
  9. is it just me or is there some repetition is snowball's post?? Me: Yay! Tomorrow I have my last internal and then I'll have a spring break. And then I can ... study for Exams.
  10. 1. Yes 2. Yes. Hope so. So I guess yes. 3. Yes. I dont know it yet. But it is trully changing me in that 'smart' direction. And I like it for now.
  11. yeah, stuff like that: V(NaOH) = 25 cm3 ±1 C(NaOH) = 1.0 mol dm-3 V(H2O) = 25 cm3 ±1 V(Hydrolyzed solution) = 25 cm3 ±1 but what about converting them into percentage inaccuracies, like for V(NaOH) it should be (1/25)*100% and when i make some calculations, like multiplying one value with some inaccuracies with another value i know that there is a method when you add the percentage inaccuracies... the results of added percentage inaccuracies but be an inaccuracy for your calculation result.. thats hard to explain for example: i have that after the experiment 1 i 25 cm3 ±1 NaO
  12. So it is almost a deadline when i have to hand in all my lab reports and i wanted to improve them a bit.. i downloaded a few usefull noted about lab reports, but i couln't find any information about inaccuracies and how important it is to include them.. i mean i did include the possibility of inaccuracies during the measurement, but as i know there is also a possibility to convert them into percentage inaccuracies and then use it during calculations.. this should lead to calculation inaccuracy or something like that.. however, during some experiments there is a lot of calculation, so
  13. hey, i need to do the same experiment fast!! could you please tell me more about the planning parts of your experiment? i mean what was the hypothesis, what substances you used, etc. thank you..
  14. our teacher didn't give us anything... we had to do everything on our own, without any suggestions.. on one hand it is really frustrating because i would have appreciated some help from him when looking for information and different sources.. on the other hand it is as always teaching you to work on your own.. when our drafts were finished he looked through all of them and based on something graded them.. i really don't believe that he had used the marking criteria; the grades were more or less a reflection of how he liked your work and now the final IAs are somewhere at his office for at lea
  15. it won't take you so much time and the reason why this task was so easy is that it is solved almost in every page on the internet.. you just have to google for "koch snowflake".. anyway the link for that modeling software is here
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