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  1. One tip - as far as I am aware, anything to do with the justification of the atomic bomb on hiroshima/nagasaki is extremely dry as many people have done it before.
  2. Those are not Knowledge Issues: you need to have reference to either an AoK or WoK
  3. They are not really knowledge issues, I would try and incorporate emotion as well, maybe to what extent is reason/emotion influenced by perception
  4. Hey Sandwich, do you usually end up structuring your commentary by going through it stanza by stanza?
  5. You cannot use history if you are doing a presentation on the occupy protests. The history definition is similar to ' events which have occured beyond 10 years in the past' .
  6. That is scary haha, i'm literally in the same boat as sarahlouise, except i'm applying for my citizenship for Australia right now.
  7. Sorry I didnt make it clear Jira - It is is based over annual parent income. I would be looking for the exact model as well as the brand so that the price paid for the car would be accurate. For example, my parents have a honda CRV(2011) yet if I put Honda CRV in my answer, there are multiple models, such as 2002,2007 etc, hence the data would not be accurate. Thank's for pointing those observations out.
  8. Hey all, I'm in the process of writing my Maths IA up and I am looking at average yearly parent income and price of most used family car. I realise that I am not going to be spot on with the exact price every time due to things such as accessories etc which may increase the value of the car, however that is something I am going to mention. - The conversion rate from (your currency) to $AUD will be taken from a website on a particular day, and will remain at the same rate. Here is the link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TKBSR56 Thanks alot!
  9. Have you read his biography? Maybe there is something in there that you could pick up on. However as Summer has commented on, make sure that your topic isn't too broad.
  10. Do you mind if I take those words ps99? They seem really good expression wise
  11. do you have skype? I can show you the syllabus. Alternatively, here it is typed, Sub-Topics are underlined and Development is not. 3 - Economic Interactions and flows Financial flows : Examine the importance of loans, debt repayment, development aid, remittances, foreign direct investment and repatriation of profits in the transfer of capital between the developed core areas and the peripheries. Examine the influence of governments, world trading organizations and financial institutions such as world trade organization, IMF(international monetary fund + and world bank) in the transfer of capit
  12. 1) Matthew 2) French B SL 3) English 4) PM ME! I look forward to speaking with and helping anyone that can speak french and wants to learn English!
  13. Personally, I found some parts of Geography to be extremely interesting, in particular the core parts(population in movement), however parts like coasts are kind of boring.
  14. I only know the upper boundaries - 25-30 = 7, 20-24 = 6
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