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  1. In my experience, people who have moved to my school from other places during IB2 have had trouble catching up and have decided to repeat IB1 to avoid this. It does sound a bit inconvenient, but this may be a good option for you to consider. Now, as for your class choices. I can't really tell you exactly how hard these are but I can give you a rough estimate on the classes I took and from what my friends have told me. History SL isn't a very difficult course. It requires a good deal of memorization and dedication to understanding the material and studying it thoroughly, though. You need to act
  2. In terms of concrete historical facts, I can't be of much help because I've never done islamic history in any detail. For your extended essay, though, your question seems a bit general. What did your advisor say? They're usually helpful with narrowing down your title to something examiners will enjoy reading. From what I see, you're analyzing the effect of the third crusade on the entire effect of the crusades. Now, I don't know how determining that one crusade was on the whole 'campaign', but I'd imagine you could write an entire dissertation on that. Four thousand words will turn out to not
  3. ENGLISH A: Language and Literature SL - 7 (I was predicted it and half expecting it as well. Not entirely, though, because I don't think I did too well on Paper 2.) GERMAN B SL - 7 (If I hadn't gotten a 7 in this, I'd be pretty upset. Really easy course and exam all the way through.) HISTORY (Europe/Middle East option) HL - 7 (Holy hell, this surprised the living daylights out of me. I had gotten consistent 6s and occasional 5s during the course and mocks and all that. Wow.) BIOLOGY HL - 6 (No big deal BUT I was really hoping for a 7. I got a 7 throughout the majority of the course and mocks a
  4. 1) English, psychology and biology? Excellent choice. Biology and psychology actually have a lot in common if your teacher chooses to teach neurobiology and behavior as one of the options. Otherwise, you can always teach it to yourself. English is useful purely because it'll be your language of profession, presumably. I wouldn't bother too much with 4 HLs. It just makes you look pretentious and, honestly, if you're applying to the UK, they only care about your points, not how many HLs you took. Don't bother giving yourself a headache in the first couple weeks of IB. 2) Nope, universities won't
  5. History: Paper 1 went pretty well! My teacher predicted that it would be to do with the 1948 War (Our prescribed topic is the Arab-Israeli Conflict) and it turned out to be on the 1948 Palestinian Refugee Problem! Luckily I studied that quite a bit for the exam. Paper 2 went pretty well, as I answered two questions I had prepared a lot for. I did a Chinese Civil War and a Rise of Mao/Hitler question so that wasn't too hard. Wrote a lot, too. Paper 3 was also surprisingly good! I hadn't studied for one of the essays I answered but I still managed to remember a lot of detail and overall pull it
  6. I got a 4 on my Math SL paper 2 mock exam. I think it was like 50-60%. Luckily, things have gotten much better from there on.
  7. I've actually been incredibly bored so far. It hasn't even been 2 weeks since I finished my exams and it already feels like I've been on vacation for a month. I've just been watching TV shows, doing sports and gaming so far. I've also hung out much more with friends, which is something I hadn't had the chance to do in the final stages of IB. I'm going to Florida for 6 weeks in late June so I'm looking forward to that! There, I'll probably chill and maybe volunteer at some places to keep me busy. The most important being chilling, because I've gone basically 2 years without it. I need time to
  8. Chemistry HL, for sure. It was my hardest class for all two years and I found out very late that I didn't even need it for the course I want to study at university (Biological Sciences). Depending on what I get on paper 2, it may determine whether or not I get into my top choice at all! I wish I had either done Chemistry SL or just dropped it altogether and done Economics HL, since that looks pretty straightforward. I was actually tricked into taking HL Chemistry because I did really well on the Pre-IB course. Assuming it was a good pointer at how hard HL would be was one of my biggest mistake
  9. No, Language B like the title suggests. I thought both papers were expectedly easy. Paper 1 was, in my opinion, the harder one because there was quite a number of words I didn't know. Some I could figure out through context and others I just had to guess the meaning of. The question style was nothing unexpected when looking at past papers and I honestly thought many of them were easy. The only reason why this paper is probably not a guaranteed 7 for me is because of the words I didn't know the meaning of, meaning some of my answers might not have been the best. I liked texts A and B but I did
  10. I did Medicines and Drugs (D) and Further Organic Chemistry (G) and those went pretty well. Medicines was really straightforward, as it usually is. I wish they had asked more about antacids because I find those super easy but they chose antibacterials instead, which is cool too. Further Organic was okay, nothing too exceptional though. The majority of the questions were straightforward but I didn't like some of them towards the end about organic acids and bases, which was something we hadn't done in great depth. Overall, I found paper 3 to be one of the easier papers I've done. Paper 1 also we
  11. Paper 1? I didn't think it was too bad but after talking to friends and seeing your answers, I probably got a couple wrong. It's okay though, I still think I did well. Nothing overly complicated other than one genetics question where all answers seemed wrong. Paper 2? I loved that they included so much genetics. I find genetics really easy so those marks were a given. Section B wasn't as nice for me. I did 7 and 8, even though I didn't study the placenta in depth. I skimmed the study guide the night before the exam, expecting it not to show up. I still think it went pretty well. Wrote lots, da
  12. Predictions in the signature. Aberdeen - Medicine - No reply yet Glasgow - Medicine - No reply yet Dundee - Medicine - Unsuccessful East Anglia - Medicine - Interview request Sussex - Biomedical Sciences - Accepted
  13. I sat my Biology HL Paper 1 and Paper 2 mocks last week and I found both of them pretty easy. There were a few slightly confusing questions on paper 1 where there were two answers I deemed correct and ended up picking the wrong one and one question about standard deviation, which my teacher hadn't taught us before so I had to guess. I managed to get 34/40 and 5 of those points taken off were silly mistakes on my part. Paper 2 was also surprisingly easy. It was 90% stuff we did in IB1 which stuck in my head pretty well and was easy to write about, such as DNA structure, plant science, ecology e
  14. IB1: Personally, I find Organic Chemistry to be a complete nightmare. It's such a long topic and the amount of memorization involved rivals HL Biology. It wouldn't be too bad if it was pure memorization, but the fact that it's also the application of theory is what makes it horrible in my eyes. All the other topics I found pretty straightforward, only struggling with small aspects of them. IB2: We've only done Energetics, Kinetics and almost all of Equilibrium. I'd have to say the most annoying topic this year has been Energetics, specifically Gibbs' Free Energy. My teacher did a bad job at ex
  15. Do you mean Paper 1? Paper 2 is two essays in response to two essay questions about the origins and effects of wars, origins and development of single-party states etc. Paper 1 is the exam with sources and sometimes statistical data, which you'll have to interpret. To prepare for this paper you'll need to study your prescribed topic (in my region it's the Arab-Israeli Conflict) well enough to be able to answer the mini-essay question at the end using your outside knowledge as well as all of the sources. Sometimes you'll get data like a table or a graph with certain values, which you'll have to
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