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  1. Thanks for the tip! You wouldnt happen to know of any IB schools in Europe that do exams in november though?
  2. Do YOU know of ANY IB school in the WORLD that does their exams (or retakes) in November 2011? I talked to the guidance councler and the IB-coordinator at my school but all the information I got from them was that the november exams vary between schools every year and that it is most likely to find them in England...but I have no idea:s This is a very pressing issue for me so I am VERY grateful for any answer or light that you can shed on this matter! Let me correct that: I would be ETERNALLY grateful!! "Puss och kram!" from Sweden
  3. Yea so this is perhaps not the smartest alternative path into medicine considering how competitive... Have you perhaps heard of any universities in the UK that accept retake candidates? I have emailed every single university in England and Scotland and have gotten a few replies saying that they do NOT accept retakers:s but still waiting for replies from most of them. Thank you so much!
  4. That isnt an easy qestion to answer, considering that if I would have truly understood how much there was to study for these six IB subjects during IB1, I would have been a lot smarter about planning how to study, however I dont think I truly got it until February IB2 - giving me a rather limited amount of time... Of course I am not confident that I will easily be able to handle this demanding education, but I AM confident that I am willing to do every thing in my power to have the chance. I am very interested in the human body and specifically the brain and psychiatry (which I hope to special
  5. Hey! In my desperate quest to find an alternative route into medicine, besides my IB final grade (which was not sufficient for most universities that I applied to ) I found out that, at some universities in the UK, one can apply to a medicine programme as a "graduate applicant". Meaning that you start by taking a degree in a RELATED field (such as: Biochemistry, physiotherapy, pharmacology etc.) and then apply to medicine. It is preferred that one completes the degree, however in some cases it is possible to switch to medicine after only the first stage of the degree. My question to you is:
  6. Yes, they are hard on IB, but usually not med schools, they're way more lenient. Polish examination methods might seem harsh, facilities a bit worse than somewhere else, but bear in mind - Polish doctors are highly sought after everywhere in the world. Gdansk, as far as I know, has a very good med school, one of the best facilities and, in addition, is a beautiful city. Yes those 5s werent exactley what i had planned to apply to med schools with But it was thanks to the entrance test that I got in. Arrg its so difficult because I keep hearing wonderful things about Gdansk, but I am kind of
  7. Oops yes that was a silly oversight of me! That took me a surprisingly long time to figure out! On a subconsious level, I think, I meant to ask if I am only able to register in the last window (deadline 15th October) then? Can one register already now??
  8. Its a tough decision, but I feel that I am leaning towards retakes rather than going to Gdansk. The subjects that I am interested in retaking are: Biology HL, Chemistry HL, Math SL and possibly physics SL. My IA grades: Raw score Biology HL - 5 36/48 Chemistry HL - 5 30/48 Math SL - 6 31/40 Physics SL - 5 35/48 Based on these IA grades, do you think it possible to get a 7 as a final grade in these subjects? I find it difficult to pinpoint a specific cause for why I didnt achieve the grades that I wished, but I think it is a combination of that I shou
  9. Ok so I can't registrate before 15 october in that case right? Thanks again!!
  10. Ok thats great! Yes I was surprised by that as well! Do you know when the deadline for signing up for the retakes is? And WHERE to sign up (although I guess that depends on the school/ country I do it in...)? Do you know of any specific schools, in a country nearby Sweden, that does do retakes in November? Thanks you so much!
  11. Hi again! I bumped into a ex-classmate yesterday who said that our IB coordinator doesnt arrange retakes at his school in November. Only May. Do you know if it is possible to do retakes in November 2011 at another IB school, perhaps in another country (in case no swedish IB schools do it either)?? VERY grateful for reply!!!
  12. Thank you so much for your detailed reply! I appreciate it so much! Yes some people I have talked to have also advised that I choose Gdnask, although I am feeling reluctant for two main reasons: the total cost of the education is 600 000 SEK (which is almost £60 000 and I would rather pay that money to study in UK where I know the language) AND I have a hard time accepting my final grade as representative of what I am capable of. I have gotten a strong urge to study intensively, as much as it takes, to get high marks on retakes. I willing to work hard! But I just need to know if it is a smart
  13. Hi! I just finished IB May 2011 exams and applied to all the medical univiersites in Sweden, Denmark and Norway (oh and also Gdansk in Poland). My grades: Biology HL - 5 Chemistry HL - 5 English A2 HL - 6 Swedish A1 SL - 6 Physics SL - 5 Math SL - 5 EE in Biology - A TOK - B I got a total of 35/45, which isnt enough for any of the universities I applied to, except for Gdansk (Poland) SO i am torn between two options: accepting my place at medical univeristy of Gdansk OR DOING RETAKES!! This decision is of course COMPLETELY dependant on how retakes affects my chances of getting in to universit
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