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  1. actually i am using sales promotion, as it will help the company to increase its sales in order to increase its market share . please give a tool and tell me how to use it i tried many but at least i don't know how to use them thanks
  2. Please guys I need urgent help I am doing my B&M IA My research question is : would below the line promotion help ....... to overcome the competition with xxxxx company ? i used SWOT analysis and i don't know what are the next tool i should use to complete my IA, and please give me a small description about the data i should extract from it. PLEASE NEED HELP thanks,
  3. Thank you Now i got your point One last thing the generalizing and proving i have to find a relation between and (z) right ?
  4. Thanks for your support but actually i didn't got the point please re-phrase your statements so that i can understand what do you mean one more thing, please give me an example to clarify the point thanks again
  5. Friends please Regarding the Part B in the IA There is a very big miss-understanding happened to me so please tell me exactly what is meant by the last two points in the Part B which says 1- Generalize and prove your results for zn=a+bi , where |a+bi|=1. 2- What happens when |a+bi|not = 1? THANKS
  6. What are you saying man of-course to ask i really i need some help i want to know only how to generalize ? that's what am asking about and i hope to get an answer just give me one real example thanks
  7. huh? what are you trying to say? I don't quite understand. when you generalise, you get the conjecture. so you're basically hinting at the same thing. Man the conjucture is in part 1 the generalizing is in PART 2 !
  8. No man i meant i didn't start in the generalizing bullet not in the conjuncture !
  9. oh sorry... it's because it seems like you're not putting enough effort into it... anyway if you need me to reply, quote my post so i get a notification. for the graphing software, try autograph. it's awesome and is useful for this task. for the proving part, work with the variable n instead of with numbers. generalising is like: (this is just a random example) when n=1, m=2 when n=2, m=5 when n=3, m=10 when n=4, m=17 when n=5, m=26 you see some pattern there? when you generalise it, you'll get m=n²+1. just like that. when |a+bi|≠1, well, you try and do it yourself and you'll see what happen
  10. hey guys why no one is answering me i need you help guys please come on.
  11. guys please i need help i am stuck at bullet number 7,8 * Use graphing software to test your conjecture for some more values of n 􀀀 and make modifications to your conjecture if necessary. * Prove your conjecture. and in part B in the last two bullet please anyone tell me how to generalize ???? what do they mean by this ? and what happens when |a+bi| not equal 1 ?? please help guys thanks
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