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  1. Eng A1 HL - 6 B&M HL - 6 Physics HL - 3 Math SL - 5 Mandarin B SL - 6 History SL - 4 TOK - B EE - C Total - 31 Results - Diploma awarded I may have lost the battle of Physics HL, but I won the war against IB. FTS yooo kuba hahaha
  2. Matsu


    Though I didn't even take Psych at all (hence, take a HUGE grain of salt with this advice), I say go for it. I think all HLs are pretty demanding, so you're in for a ride no matter what HL you pick. The ride will be much less bumpy though if you're actually interested in learning the subject matter. A little interest can go a long way towards keeping your motivation up. Heck, it might not even feel demanding if you like learning what the subject teaches!
  3. Twilight drinking game: Pick a random page, point at a random sentence. If it's stupid, take a shot of a beverage of your choice. Rinse and repeat. edit: needless to say, I voted for Harry Potter
  4. IDRGAF anymore. After IB was over, I just chilled and relaxed. Not stressing myself over about the results because I can't change anything about what I wrote or thought at the time. Then again, my entrance into university doesn't really depend on what I score, so maybe that's why (just important for extra units). When are the IB results released anyway? I hear early July, but have the exact dates been confirmed yet?
  5. IB is pretty hard, but it's manageable. Once you get used to the workload, it'll feel just like school used to. Also, you'll be really happy you're taking Math Studies hehe.
  6. Great book, we read that too for lit
  7. Depends where you want to go to uni. I've always wanted to go to the US so I'd take AP without hesitation. It's just that my school doesn't have AP so I had to take IB lol..
  8. So are you like just gonna stand up and do nothing? How do you plan to do a roleplay about silence haha?
  9. Maybe for RLS you can just pick a random trial going on that relies on witness testimony? Something like that... haha As for your KIs, I'm not really sure how to word this, but maybe explore how much of our memory is really based on committing what we experience through sense perception to memory or if we just remember certain details (can be visual, tactile, etc) then logically deduce what must have happened from those which gives us the illusion of "remembering" an experience. Also, this could be complete rubbish, but it seems worth a thought or two for me haha. Memory is a really interesti
  10. There's a lot of scholarships you can apply to get for free from like collegeprowler.com, etc. Also, since Penn is a private university, I'm guessing they're probably need-blind, so if you fit into their profile of what a Penn student should be, they'll probably try to make sure that stupid things like money do not bar you from getting the education you deserve. Nonetheless, you just gotta surf the net, look for scholarships you qualify for and apply for them. I can't really point to anything particular to Penn as I did not apply there, but I'm sure they have scholarship programs that extend
  11. There's no real "minimum" as I'm sure Ivys from all over the US accept people with huge ranges of scores. It all depends on how holistically good you are as a (person?) student. Things like excellence in athletics can make up for lower SAT scores or grades and still result in offers or even scholarships. With that said, the "average" student at Ivy league schools will typically be like the top caliber of student in the country, one who has elite grades, SATs and ECAs. Generally 2200 would be considered "decent" for Ivy leagues as I think it's in like the top 3 percentile of SAT scores, but the
  12. Physics HL and History SL, shoulda switched my levels.. Also to an extent Math SL (shoulda taken studies) but I kind of feel like I enjoyed it during externals for some reason..
  13. Matsu

    So fed up!

    Just get an SAT prep book (I found the Barrons SAT book pretty helpful for Math) and do practice SAT tests, deconstructing your mistakes and understanding how to do the problems you do not get. That's mostly how I studied for my SATs. I had an SAT tutor for about a week as well, but he mostly made me do the above so it may or may not be worth it depending on how well you can learn stuff on your own. This means that if you study pretty well on your own, an SAT prep course won't do you much more good than self studying will. The books give some pretty good advice though on how specifically to ta
  14. Yeah I finished last week lol, I want nothing more than to waste my life away eating ice cream, playing video games and writing music
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