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  1. Self explanatory. Just out of curiosity.
  2. Reading all of your positive experiences with running in the morning has inspired me to do the same! Last year, i used to go jogging after I came home from school, but I found it very inefficient: I would be very tired, and before I knew it it got dark and there was little time to study! Therefore, this year I will start a new habit of running before school because of its many benefits! By the way, I'm a highly competitive soccer (football) player and I knew to get in shape!
  3. I'm an 16 year old male and 6'0.5" or 184cm tall But I wasn't always this tall: Start of Grade 8: 5'3" or 160cm Start of Grade 9: 5'6" or 168cm Start of Grade 10: 5'9" or 175cm Start of Grade 11: 6'0.5" or 184cm Start of Grade 12: ???
  4. How on earth could you be failing Math Studies...Drop out now, it will save you time and effort.
  5. Math Studies SL is by far the easiest subject in IB..it's basically Math SL without Calculus..it's actually easier than my Province's math curriculum..
  6. I've read both. It's Harry Potter, hands down. The twilight-obsessed-girls piss me off..
  7. Haha yes, that's a sick show! Np likes crime investigation shows!
  8. Yep, my favorite has to be the classic 'So you think you could be a Millionaire' with Regis. Np Watches Regis and Kelly, on occasion
  9. Yep! How did you know? hahaha Np watches Survivor
  10. Yes!!!! It's the month of Ramadan, and I'm currently fasting . Np is cute
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