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  1. I'm in SL Biology and for my group 4 project what I want to do is something dealing with health sciences and biology. I was thinking something along the lines of growing bacteria on a petri dish from swabs from the bathroom doors, seats, etc? is this a good/fairly decent projecT?
  2. I'm not sure yet, that's why I posted here hoping someone would help. Lol.
  3. When it comes to cheerleading and physics heck yeah i am.
  4. The physics teacher at my school is REALLY good, so yeahh..
  5. I'm not completely sure yet, that's the problem. Like I'm a cheerleader and I'm the flyer which is the person they throw in the air. But like we do flips, jumps theres a lot of stuff.
  6. Well I want to do my EE on physics and Cheerleading, but I'm kind of nervous it isn't going to match the criteria for physics in the guidelines. Also, I know that its too broad right now and I don't know how to narrow it. :/ Help?
  7. IB in my school we got IB shirts, and if we didnt like a class/elective we had and the class that we wanted was full they would take someone else out to give you that class.
  8. Yeah. My schools crazy. We just got IB certified so the IB2 people this year are the first people to take the IB exams ever in my school. And all the classes are HUGE and we have 8 classes. That's pretty brutal. Only my TOK class is that large, and we only have that once a week. Class sizes are a big issue in Ontario and my max class size has been in the 30s throughout my entire education.
  9. All my classes have between 45-55 people. And the school refuses to level out the classes because IB is an "eletive."
  10. My teacher is going to start assessing us for IOP's. What are some good tips to get through a successful presentation, and to get a good score?
  11. Thanks guys, This helped a lot. So what if I did something like How valid Research is thats done on the Effects on stress on Cognition? if that makes sense.. And how would I even write a Biology EE, everyone says "oh its just a long lab report" but that doesn't explain ANYTHING and its way to broad..
  12. So, for my EE i'm planning to have Biology as my area, I have a few things in mind for the actual question, its along the lines of - developing a cure for autism by using gene therapy. - The stimulation of fetal hemoglobin as a cure for sickle cell anemia. - Assessing behavior to a biological diagnosis and treatment for ADHD. or - How methamphetamine abuse relates to dopamine levels found in the brain of a living organism and how the level of dopamine in a methamphetamine addict could correlate to the abuser developing Parkinsons disease. Which one would get a higher score? And be s
  13. How does CAS work? My school/ IB counselor won't explain it. They said wait till like the middle of my senior year to start, and I need 175 I think? O.o
  14. For T.O.K i have five dividers for the class.. What should each of those dividers be? The teacher is new to teaching t.o.k so he didnt specify.
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