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  1. There's a thread already created for this stuff: http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/16131-ee-help-others-by-completing-surveys/ However, I'll fill out the survey
  2. I would suggest that, if you enjoy Physics, then take it. At the high school level, biology is generally easier since they dont teach you enough for it to actually be useful. I mean, if you take an example of a career involving biology such as medicine, do you honestly think theyll teach you enough to give you a good idea how to take care of someones life? Physics covers a lot more at the high school level in terms of fundamentals. You're right, Biology SL is therefore easier than Physics SL. If you aren't interested in EITHER, take biology, its easier. If you need physics, take it. If you nee
  3. On Managebac, a CAS project is defined as involving collaboration as well as combining two or more aspects of CAS, whether its Creativity, Action, or Service. If you are simply taking swimming lessons, that isnt a CAS project.
  4. Those sound really complicated... I personally am used to dealing with biology essays that involved performing an experiment by yourself and then writing about it. Those usually score the highest, and the experiments are usually best if not extremely complicated. This is taken from the 2009 EE Guide: Essays in biology may be based on data collected by the student through experimentation, survey, microscopic observations, biological drawing, fieldwork or some other appropriate biological approach. Alternatively, essays may be based on data or information obtained from literature, ideally from p
  5. By Kolkate, do you mean Kolkata?
  6. ^^^altair, you should probably make another thread for that question.\ However, I don't think it would count as creativity, unless it has a specific purpose (e.g. making it into a scrapbook designed to helped tourists...or something, I dunno.)
  7. I have a feeling it may be a bit too simple. I mean, Tic Tac Toe, when played, has like what....two strategies? Also, there's a short heading under wikipedia talking about the complexity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_complexity However, you can try and give it a shot anyways.
  8. As mentioned above, if you're going into architecture, then pick art. However, if art ISNT something you love to do, and you think there's an equal chance of going into law or engineering, don't take it. It can be really fun if it's what you like doing, but don't bother taking it unless you need it for architecture, when there are other subjects you could take to help you with law or engineering.
  9. At our school, we use Managebac. On Managebac, everything takes place online. However, there are still many schools that use paper to document everything, so make sure you just document all your activities in your own way, and ask your CAS coordinator how s/he wants you to do it.
  10. Biology does not need to be neither boring, difficult, nor time-consuming. It all depends on you. Personally, if I had chosen to do something such as English, I would've have a much harder time because I'm terrible at analyzing literature. Furthermore, since I don't need to organize an experiment or anything, there's a good chance I would leave reading my English books until the last second, and then do a terrible job. Also, Procrastination has a very good point. The idea is fairly unoriginal, as well as unnecessarily time-consuming. Lastly, the IBO has very strict policies on how animals are
  11. I'm totally making a guess here....but does it have to do with how the hexagons fit together? :/
  12. It really depends from school to school, because as Desy said, your coordinator is the one that decides it in the end. For example, I've seen examples on this site saying how some students could paint a house for action hours, while my CAS coordinator would probably say it falls under service - and also, it doesn't count for CAS if it's for family. I would say find information online, proving how it is creativity. If your coordinator still says no, theres not much you can do.
  13. I think there are certain qualities about introverts that make some people like them, while there are also other qualities that make people dislike them. I agree with what razzker said, that there is a spectrum involved. I personally believe that too much or too little of anything isn't good, so as a result, I personally aren't too fond of the extreme introverts of extroverts. Does it make them bad people? Not necessarily. Is it bad? Maybe. Personally, I would say I'm more towards the introverted side.
  14. It more depends on how much effort you put into it. I personally took French B SL, and since I've finished the exams, I've already forgotten most of it. However, I never put any effort into the class. I think if you really want to, you can easily become fluent at standard level.
  15. I would say that where I live, this attitude isnt very prevalent (from my experience) however I think that IB is a bit more intensive than just AP, as we have to do TOK, EE, and CAS. However, I do think that sometimes there are kids that take it too far.
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