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  1. From what our IBC sent us: You cannot re-do ONLY IAs. But if IAs are satisfactory you can take the papers alone If you re-do IAs you must submit completely new work If you want to re-do TOK essay it must be on a new topic from the list for Nov13 You can re-do EE but on the same subject - the topic may be new or you can simply improve the essay submitted Fees: http://ibpublishing.ibo.org/xwiki/bin/view/Handbook/A6.11+The+scale+of+fees
  2. WOW! Polish examinators tend to be pain in the a... so CONGRATULATIONS!
  3. Her 'A Language' is Polish whereas the rest was taken in English . Have sb even got a 7 on Biology HL? I was actually REALLY satisfied with me performance on papers and got 40 sth (44? 45?) point for IAs and yet nope.
  4. ;O At your school do you pay for the exams or remarking yourself? Remarking so much would cost one I guess as much as all the exams?
  5. LOL I'm like http://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net/photo/azbb0Pz_460sa.gif Srsly, I'm so shocked, I bet some of my teachers would be as well ;p. It's just that I wasn't really the best example of an IB student. In best possible situation I calculated sth aroung 38, if I get lucky aaaaaand... Polish A: Literature SL 6 English B HL: 7 French Ab Initio SL: 7 Biology HL: 6 Mathematics SL: 5 Psychology HL: 7 EE (on origins of homosexuality, Psychology): B TOK (the 1st topic?): A Total points: 41 Results: Bilingual Diploma awarded
  6. Maybe try how the 'good and evil' is portrayed in both settings - with help of what literary devices etc. ...I have such idea just because I wrote about the 'good and evil' for my WL . For anybody I recommend a site...masteandmargarita.eu (?), there are lots of really nice articles there, so you can find nice topic to write about etc.
  7. Agreed. C'etait trop facile. I hoped it was just me, but seems like grade boundaries will be quite high...What are they like usually? Anyway, finished paper 1 in 30 minutes - reading everything carefully, checking stuff twice. For Paper 2 I took A: e-mail and I'm sure I've already written sth like that. The only difference was that the club was charging for the membership (braaaain, how come do you remember so stupid details) and B - the 'journal intime'. The minimum number of words is just ridiculous. Honestly, I just stopped at sth around 200 for both just because I run out of the space. Ho
  8. Soooo...How did you find this year's exams?
  9. If it is specifically stated to give one or two the markscheme usually requires examinator to take only the first one or the first two answers into consideration.
  10. Yup, exactly, I thought so ;]. About the DNA for me it was the answer with adding phosphate. Cause if it goes in 5'-3' direction than how possibly could you have a free phosphate to which a nucleoside binds? For me it's that the phosphate binds to C3, covalent bonds form blah blah. But maybe I'm just making things up .
  11. For the DNA replication in P1 I was hesitating what joins the last nucleotide or sth, so I sketched this situation and went with 'phosphate' cause, I don't know, I watched some videos about DNA replication and I just somehow kind of guessed.
  12. Mentalist, True Blood, How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, Californication, Dexter, Lie to me, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries. People also seem to like Supernatural, but I'm not really into scary things cause I'm a coward.
  13. Yup, P1 was kind of tricky. I mean, usually multiple choice questions took me little time - like working with question bank I was able to do like 100 questions in an hour (+checking answers, chatting at fb etc.) and here it took me a while. Yeah, I used elimination in many cases too...like for example this with action potential...isn't only pumping of sodium connected with this one directly? So I took sth with neurotransmitters ;p. And with those animal taxa a... and p... I also didn't learn it. The names are simply too difficult to remember so I didn't even bother. I choose the answer D with
  14. this And I'll probably stay in Poland, at least for undergraduate. And they consider math SL to be really standard. Like people from regular programme have tasks like log100-log(2)8 at final exams. And now some idiots will have more points cause they pass exams for retards ;[.
  15. Funny, cause I actually didn't study that much and I look at past papers and with every hour passing (and me revising new stuff) I can answer more and more questions . Yep, the markschemes are usually tricky, so the best is to write as much as possible, which has sth to do with the topic. Starting with definition and adding some related stuff. They won't mark you down for that and the chance is you may gain some extra points for riddiculous things . The worst is I have my A1 P2 in the morning, and then P1 and then P2 which in all gives...almost 5 hrs, with almost 4 of writing ;/.
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