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  1. I want to install my question bank, but my Windows 7 home basic wont let me install it. Can anyone please tell me how can I run this program in a 64 bit computer?
  2. thank you to those of you who have watched my project and even made suggestions! Ill be waiting even more because after all it is not over yet!
  3. Thank you Hexa, but believe me when I tell you that my body is working against me... I was sick for 5 days and suddenly I discover I have "talent" for dancing because I did a dance for my CAS project because I had never danced and it was a challenge for me... but now people keep telling me to pursue an art related career which is the complete opposite of what I'm studying (mostly science classes) and Ive started to like dancing... T___T look and judge please and tell me more... what should I do? youtube.com/watch?v=CKJ6h-zCjpA
  4. Hey guys! Thank you for the tips... Ill take them into consideration... more tips and Ill love it!
  5. Hey everyone! I'm starting this post so that everyone can add a tip that works with them when they cannot concentrate! Also, I really need some tips! Ever since October has started I have ZERO concentration and I really want to stuudy.... T_________T So Please some tips!!! What I do when I cannot concentrate: *jump into the pool *look youtube videos *read another non IB related book The third one is the worst right now... I fill up my head with other information other than my IB classes... HELP
  6. Hello everyone! So one of my many CAS projects consisted in creating a dance for my school's talent show! HAHAHAHAH what makes it reaaaallllyyyy hilarious and strange is that people at my school said that they couldn't imagine me an IB diploma student without any art related IB classes doing such a project! This is because my IB subjects for the diploma are the following: Chemistry - HL Physics - HL English A2 - HL Spanish A1 -HL Economics - SL Math - SL Also, I feel reaally akward when dancing at parties in this country (Ecuador) because the music they mainly play is reggaeton which accordin
  7. Hello everyone... thank you for taking your time to read this simple post. My problem is that when using the Ti 83 plus silver edition, I can´t graph the logistic function I´ve found. Could anyone please find what is the problem and please teach me how to graph it... I already inserted the function and enabled graphing.
  8. I have to do several labs, but I have no idea when and how to use maximum and minimum gradients and how to apply them... Please some help?
  9. Hello everyone and thank you for reading this post. I would like someone to check my current physics laboratory and put some comments on what I did wrong and how can I correct it... please... Also, I do not know if what ive been doing in the lab is correct and what can I conclude?
  10. hahaaha! yeah I think NO ONE will want to plagirize what I did! hahaha! thank you although! and yes I do have to conclude and evaluate...
  11. In this lab I had several problems: * Concentration of CuSO4 was 0.2 M. *No major changes in temperature. Min: 28 Max: 34 *Huge percentage error of 207.38% *We had to increase the amount of CuSO4 and Zn to be able to read the temperature because the thermometer couldn´t reach it. * We used an old polyestirene cup and a normal thermal cup's lid. *Lab instructions told me to use 25 ml of 1.0 M of CuSO4 and 6 grams of zinc, but I used 75ml of 0.2M of CuSO4 and 18 grams of zinc. *The graph I plotted with the data I got from the experiment is awful. Also, I was asked to trace a perpendicular line f
  12. I really appreciate your response... no worries I'll keep trying and I'll show them the power of an IB student! HAHA THANKYOU you really made me keep trying Thank you! Supervisor! you guys were the only two to reply and help me in my first post... haha... Thanks for the guiding and thanks for the specifications you've made... The problem in my school is that the school has only two chemistry teachers and one of them just comes in the mornings (I know him and even though he is good at teaching, he HATES to help...haha) and MY teacher is somewhat not a very helpful person in the EE part... So, I
  13. For my EE in Chemistry I am doing it about "How does the environment where the coffee was grown and it's level of toast affect the pH and the quantity of caffeine in the coffee". I am really stucked here because even though I finished my experimental process, I don't have anyone guiding me on my EE. My chemistry teacher doesn't know a thing about coffee and I can't find any book that explains me how the environment affects the coffee. Also, on the internet I can only fing vague information about what I am looking for... I am really desperate because I've worked really hard for this... Also, su
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