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  1. It really isn't bad at all and with your subjects, it won't be that difficult. I took Bio and it's just a lot of memorising and I've heard business involves a good amount of reading. Language B HL is easy. Econ SL is easy, you just gotta practice your evaluation skills. Math studies and english shouldn't be a problem at all. I would say just get all your internal assessments done in good time and then you can revisit them, edit them and make them as perfect as they could possibly be. Also don't neglect your EE, TOK and CAS because leaving stuff to last minute is what causes what is commonly kn
  2. Lol before my results I had a dream that I got no 7's at all. I had 4 6's and 2 5's or something and then like 2 bonus points but I saw my total as 34 not 36. So I knew that wasn't gonna come true at least. Recently I dreamt that (I don't know why now that my results are out and its been a year) I had to go into a booth like a photograph booth to get my results. They had a booth for each subject I took. Then I had to press Paper 1 and it would show me my paper 1 score and then in the end I would press grade and it would give me my grade. Lol it was a pretty wicked dream to be honest. And on th
  3. British nationality cannot be acquired by being born there, it is only possible through descent. As for cost differences, there is quite a difference in terms of costs yes. UK students cannot be charged more than 9000 pounds for attending any course. For internationals it varies depending on your course, it can be closer to the 9000 minimum to about 40,000 pounds (medicine at imperial).
  4. HL bio is a lot of memorising for something you don't care about. I preferred chem HL, less frustrating for me. Why not take econ HL? Business is regarded as a weak subject by many UK universities so perhaps you could take math HL. If you're not confident with Math then take Math SL and do another humanity subject maybe? Are you looking to study in the UK?
  5. Not true. I am at an ivy league and I got 2050. I know someone with an 1800 who is at an ivy as well. SATs are less important with stronger ECs and academics. With internationals, they tend to be a little bit more lenient because they know that you're not used to that system of testing.
  6. Easy is a matter of opinion, I personally think chem SL is easier than Bio SL. Both are relatively easy though in my book. Other people may think differently.
  7. If you like penn, apply and if you need aid, apply for it as well. You won't know until you try. Internationals do get aid, but not that many of them, so you could be one of them.
  8. Yeah, ED schools let you drop out of the contract under exceptional circumstances, one of which is not being able to pay obviously.
  9. Your grades and extra-curriculars look fine. An important thing to consider is if you're not an american citizen or permanent resident is, how much money will you be able to pay and how much aid would you ask for? Cornell and Penn are both need-aware for international students and so, applying for aid affects your chances quite severely. Penn is full need so if they admit you, they will give you what you ask for. I don't think cornell is though, so I think they might admit you and give you less aid.
  10. Normally for Math SL, studies, HL papers 1 and 2, the papers are on consecutive days. For sciences, your papers 1 and 2 are together in the afternoon and the paper 3 is normally the following day in the morning. Same goes for Psychology, Economics, B&M. English tends to be a little different (gap between paper 1 and 2). Language B have their papers 1 and 2 together as well. If you take all 6 of your exams in one session, meaning no anticipated subjects (sat in May or November the previous year), your exams will typically last about 2 to 3 weeks.
  11. I know someone who was 21 when she finished IB, I'm not sure how strict the 16-19 rule really is.
  12. I don't really understand how you're going to get 240 hours in your HL subjects if you do only 1 year of IB. It is required to have 160 hours of SL classroom time and 240 hours for HL courses. Also, keep in mind that you have to do EE, TOK and CAS. CAS is easy but given that you want to do IB in a year, you will be pushing yourself very hard. It's possible but you will need to have very good time management to do well in all your classes, TOK, EE and still fulfill CAS. Why do you have to complete IB in a year, if you don't mind me asking? Also, another thing is Maths HL. Doing Maths HL in a y
  13. Just a suggestion, the company thing seems like it might work for you. I was thinking you could do something about the market structure of the firm in the city you're living in and make comparisons with other parts of the world. Like for example, you said you live in a very small city so perhaps that firm is one of the few in the city (more on the oligopoly side) and in other places, it might be one of the many (perfectly competitive or even monopolistically competitive if it has differentiated products). You could gather sales data and then make such comparisons. For an oligopoly, demand tend
  14. Well the IB is basically the hexagon diagram. The 6 edges represent the 6 groups and the centre of the hexagon represents the core elements of the diploma which are; theory of knowledge, extended essay and creativity, action and service. Theory of knowledge is assessed by an essay component and a presentation and you are awarded a letter grade from A-E depending on how good/bad your essay and presentation are. Extended essay is a research based essay that is conducted in any field that interests you. The essay should have a narrow specific focus to score well. For this, you are also awarded a
  15. Yes, but I can tell you the feeling of getting the 7 trumps the fact that it is extra work. Also, if you're good at math and are committed to it, getting a 7 in math is easier than getting a 7 in another subject where the grading is not quite so objective. Languages have a reputation of being easier but you can't really guarantee yourself a 7 there just because of how subjective the marking is. Sciences and Math are quite objective in comparison to a lot of other subjects that involve essay questions.
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