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  1. Our coordinator insists I get the English department to review it first before sending it off.. bleh. Hence still waiting for teachers to.. starting working again.
  2. Don't know about music, but economics can be subjective within 1-2 mark bands, so I'd say to give it a go.
  3. Interesting.. I did my EE in maths, but the topic was .. comparably more abstract than most. Anyhow, good luck! People get freaked out by maths EEs these days, so good on you for doing one in it. The research question.. think carefully, even though it's probably going to evolve as you dig a bit more into your essay.
  4. 64 downloads

    Investigation on the upper bounds of Ramsey Numbers based on the Pigeonhole Principle and Graph Theory. Received an A.
  5. Grade boundaries aren't released until later I think, but English has been the same for the past n number of years so ya. Coordinators should have the breakdowns now.
  6. Mmm. P1 and P2 are still out of 25 on my session, and I think the world lit should be able to be remarked too given that it's an externally assessed piece of work, after all.. Supposedly my coordinator wants me to order the papers back and have the English teachers look through them before sending them for re-mark if I decide to do so, in which case I'll prolly order them back and see what it's looking like.
  7. Nom. So my coordinator let me know that apparently, my English results are as follows: WL: 14 P1: 17 P2: 17 IA: 27 Which basically suggests I'm 3 marks off the cut-off for a 7. The thing is, I'm borderline 6 on every single externally marked paper.. so is it worth a remark? meh.
  8. Supposedly missed English A1 SL by 3 marks off the 7 cut-off. Is it worth a remark.. Otherwise 44
  9. If you enjoy maths because maths is awesome in itself, take HL. It is amazing. Otherwise take Physics HL. Our school streams mathematics at the start of the IB Diploma to accommodate for the gap between SL and HL - getting 100% in SL maths is by no means a feasible measure of what you might get in HL. If you want a 7 in HL Maths, it is your depth of thinking that needs to change. Accuracy becomes a comparatively minor issue.
  10. Nom. - My knowledge issues have all started with "to what extent ___" because I'm just.. boring like that. But basically it is a question that you use to structure your argument - to explore in terms of the essay title, your ways of knowing and areas of knowledge. - Within knowledge issues are something our school likes to call 'sub knowledge issues' - they are certainly not compulsory but could provide basis for development of ideas along what otherwise may seem to be a tangent. Make sure you link back to the main knowledge issue - as well as the TOK title though. - These are also a good wa
  11. Not quite sure how much the English syllabus changed by, but what I ended up doing was just timed paper 1s and 2s on a routine basis approximately 1-1.5 months before the exam. Perhaps more importantly is the fact that I had a really good English teacher who would mark all my essays for me, and I also had a friend who I could swap mark with. Although.. English is probably the least of most people's worries - I didn't do anything for it the month leading up to exams - other than one final practice the day before each of my papers. Some people prefer to just learn quotes and look at tips etc th
  12. I thought the standard of the papers were -fairly- similar to last November. What I didn't really expect was the way they repeated two 8-mark questions from last year's session word for word - didn't think they usually repeat questions directly like that. .. Except I still didn't do the placenta one. Went for frenzy plant instead.. which I still felt like I messed up in. Meh.
  13. Meh. I think for some strange reason I ended up thinking it was - instead of +. 'Cause I had 4.61 and then I changed it when I was checking answers. ggggg fml. But yea hopefully everything else went alright. zz
  14. .. i hated the cat in the poem. .. so I did prose. //
  15. Paper 1 was very .. unusual. I think the grade boundaries will go down for it. Paper two was by far more standard - the normal stuff were asked. .. But being a maths geek paper 1 was a by far more interesting paper than 1. lol. ..'cept i didn't exactly finish. either of them, really. Sets was a long paper. I got annoyed with the Cayley table with 190759301759027521 {}s.
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