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  1. As far as I know, Further Maths covers all the possible Options of Maths HL. In other words, it is more than challenging considering that you have at least five other subjects to study. I am taking Mats HL, and for me it is a very hard subject (that is also why I am doing my finals in Maths Sl) On the other hand, there are people who do just fine and do not even need to study. I think what you need to do is ask yourself how good in Maths you really are. Well, if you have won all the competitions that you have participated in, if you regularly work on extra stuff out of class, and so really mas
  2. I am actually a HL student, so well yeah I've read that. Thank you for the piece of advice, but the question was not about the economics theory, but the problem is just pragmatic = how to call a market consisting of restaurant (not a structure, a name) To make myself clear - IT firms sell computers = market for computers restaurants sell food = market for ???? (food seems vague...)
  3. Hi guys, we have these extra classes of writing at our school and yesterday our teacher asked us to define respect. Well, we found out nobody could do it properly. So I am just wondering... How would you define the word respect?
  4. Hi all, I need help. I am working on my EE and doing a research about local restaurants. How would you formally call that kind of a market? Well, my working name is market for hot meals, but it does not sound right and what's more market for restaurants does not really make sense. Thanks
  5. Hi all! I was supposed to have the topic for my EE from Economics already so that I could work on that during the summer, but since I chose Economics I've been struggling with the topic. I just couldn't find a suitable and narrow topic which I would be able to do a research on. As September is closer closer and I would really love to have the most done during the holiday (at least the theory and concept) I finally came up with a topic. From the very beginning I wanted to do something about Market Structures - oligopoly interested me much, but I didn't want a research which would be too
  6. I had the same question as brankar but it still seems a bit weird having to define demand/supply. Adding to those 2 all the other definition will make 3/4 of my commentary a list of definitions :/ How many definitions should I have approximately? My article is quite full of economic theory and I already have 4 graphs. I think, as well, that these should be defined. But another thing came to my mind if I use definitions from our guide should I cite it or not?
  7. Hi guys! I have written my first commentary concerning more or less the demand and supply concepts. Now I have read an article where I found that basic concepts such as Demand/Supply don't need to be defined. Do you think it's too bad when I put those definitions in because as the commentary is based on that I think it fits there. Thank you for your opinion!
  8. Thank you for your advice. I need to think about it for a while, but I think I will concentrate on those six subjects hoping that History won't make me any troubles once applying to a uni
  9. Hi all, I am starting IB this September and I was wondering about taking History SL as the 7th subject. How hard is that? I am pretty much into 19th and 20th century and so I think it would not be so bad to me. What does the final exam consist of? My subjects are HL- English B, Economics, Math and SL - German B, Slovak A1, Physics. Do you think that it would be too much to take this extra one?
  10. Yeah, that's right what I was thinking about, but I want to study second foreign language so I have to hope that it won't make any troubles later when applying to an university:)
  11. I am going to start IB in September and my subjects are HL= Math, English B, Economics SL= German B, Slovak A (native speaker), Physics I am thinking of studying sth like diplomacy or international relations and I was wondering if I have chosen the right subjects (in fact, to me they seem absolutely out of topic = I am interested in them so I chose them:) My question is: Do the Ivy league universities really care about your subjects? What would be possible better choice?
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