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  1. Awesome! This makes a total of 8-9 years in University then. Just like back home. Right then. So, ANY Biology course would do? - Biology courses (all of them) has a degree right?
  2. Hey guys! I wanted to do Medicine for University, but seeing as the IB (my first year) is hellish tough from the get-go, so, I was thinking to take my time in applying for Medicine and to make this act as a cushion or insurance if ever I might not meet the required requirements for medicine. I've also spoken to the teachers as well who are helping me with this and they too thought this was a good plan. So in summary, I'm gonna take up a Biology course in University which I should then use it to convert to Medicine whenever possible, after the first year? And I need some helpful insight, info
  3. I would if I could, Desy. So then. . . In simple terms,this method of mine isn't wrong, but the values I've plugged in them are just wrong(?) And remember about the log function wherein I asked you, since you told me I should solve them Simultaneously, y = a ln(x) + b y = a ln(x) + b like that? wherein y is population and x is time as for the other function, y = abx - reason why I wrongly did what I have done there was because, I never considered Y to be anything but just something to show you are looking for it Anyway, let me repeat what you've explained, y is population x is time a and b
  4. Banned for not sticking to the rules of the game.
  5. Would anyone care to explain to my why, when I use the exponential function, erm, lemme show you guys instead... e.g. (10)(1)1950=10 So yeah, that's what basically happened which left me dumbfounded. Have I missed something when 1 is powered to 1950??? Shouldn't it be something like 1950 and not 1? I am analytically developing a model based on this one... y=abxwhch is the exponential function. And x = time, which is the years basically. So then, for example if I do y = 554.8 x 11950 would that be able to replicate the graph? Coz a friend of mine told me it would end up being a vertical line f
  6. Ban for being stressed out to the point you just rant and bant and lost your IB VIP dignity on a mere IB Member.
  7. Desy desy desy, you know the analytically develop part? How can I show this in MS Word? Like, is this the working out/pen and paper bit?
  8. YAY! I've successfully read through the entire thread which only a small portion of it gave me good hints and tips. APparently, my brain cells ARE dying. This IA is my kryptonite. And don't worry, after this IA, you won't hear a peep out of me anymore, so just bear with me until next Monday, Desy. Please? THANKS for the response. I will look through it after my first class. Do you hate me? When you said "solve the two equations simultaneously , basically it means do a sim. equation "? e.g. y = 1950 ln(x) + 554.8 y = 1955 ln(x) + 609.0 -Like that? SOrry, I just wanted to clarify it.
  9. Ok, seriously now Desy, let me just ask you this one or two question/s. After this, my next question will be over the weekends. First, how can I use this y= a ln(x) + b? Second, can you also show me the equation for Linear, Quadratic and Exponential seeing that I have nearly looked every where online this past weekend and I've got nothing Please desy. This could also help out for those SL Maths people who might not have done Matrices and 6th Polynomials as well.
  10. Yay1 I'm gonna keep asking questions by the way to set up what I'm going to do so I can just read through this and work my way in finishing this. Uhm,so yeah, how do I use the formula you gave me? because my calculator was just flipping out with the Ln(x) in it. It just hit me, when it asks, "What types of functions could model the behaviour of the graph?" Is it just asking me like in a CHemistry test, "What are the elements in group 1?"
  11. Oh geez Whew... Ok... I need to refresh myself now. Aight... Is it? Aww And I've pulled out an SL and HL maths book if that;s the case, how can I use this equation then? You have??? Since when??? SO those constants that must be found should make up the values on the graph? Them ones from the function of ln x. The exponential function. and some laws of log. Ohh, darn it. would it be ok to mention that formula you gave me as the function that could model the behaviour of the graph? Then is it ok to use it again for the analytically develop bit?
  12. Oh my days! My teacher never taught me that was the general equation for log! The reason why I chose log was because when i saw The function of ln x the graph examples looked very convincing. heh heh. Alright. I will check the general equation online and in some maths books since i am in the library I do Hence me saying "murk this first part" ) A and B meaning the axis? Because I don't see my sheet mentioning A and B anywhere What I was thinking of doing is, using those formula and yours, and to think of which values would work to up to each points on the graph individually. Although I wa
  13. YAY! I'm free! I have utter confidence in this now! Gonna murk the first part now I hope this logarithmic equation works. So, then, when it means "Analytically develop one model function that fits the data points on your graph." How should I go about this?
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