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  1. I have the Oxford university press tok study guide. I think it's pretty useful. It has tips for the presentation and essay and is abundant in tok knowledge
  2. For history, get the companion for the history course you're studying.
  3. We're getting tok essay topics in ib2 and have from sept-Jan to finish it Ughhh
  4. really? I have to read and analyize 3 chapters, do math revision, French revision and learn French vocab
  5. A lot of homework. I was in each class for 30 mins today and my pile is already starting
  6. Gaby, what kind of history are you taking? Euro/world/us?
  7. Ah I see. I'm glad I'm taking SL. What's this of a new English syllabus? Is everything changing for our year
  8. I offically start Wednesday! I'm excited. What's the new lang b syllabus?
  9. I ordered mine off Amazon.com (order from the American site because they are $20 more expensive on the Canadian website)
  10. I purchased course companions for 4 subjects and will get two more later on in the year depending what type of history and math I take. Where do I get study guides from? Thank you all! I start ib on Wednesday. I'm actually really excited.
  11. You're doing your ee on tess of the d'urbervilles? I read that novel in pre ib What's your topic?
  12. Hey everyone, I will be starting IB in a little under two weeks. What kind of supplies will I need? I am talking English, History, Antropology, Math, Biology and French. Are two inch binders a reasonable size or a bit too big?
  13. last time, SL students only need to do one WL, HL students need to do two WL. not sure if this has changed in the 2013 syllabus though! I think HL students still have to do 2WLs. Oh god (Pray for me) joy I was so happy for a while !
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