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  1. appreciated, unfortunatly ive set my mind into the state of where i have read it once i wont read it again, or it will be too dull and boring- bleh.. But it has to be done, buckle up and go! I've always struggled with biblio's- cheers!
  2. Arghh damn it, it depends on where you're applying! I even said it in the post right before yours! For Sweden, your own country, predicted grades do not matter. Are you sure? How are you supposed to apply to the uni's for the autumn when the last day is in april/may(?) and you get your results in july Not entierly sure though
  3. I've always found diplomacy interesting. I chose history, in which I am writing about appeasement and how that affected the uprising of WW2, including chaimberlains views and effects towards the outcome. Havent really centered myself onto a specific title but got loads of information written down, now it's time to edit. fml.
  4. Hitler is always a safe route to write about when writing an EE in history, the only issue is that it is so common to write about his events and effects that it might get boring for the examinors to read, it does not affect your grade in any direction based on if you write about hitler or not. A helpful source towards the 2nd question would be the book: What's That Sound? I read it during the music lessons in 9th grade and it explained the evolution and impact on different genres of music thus including the evolution of punk in the 60's and 70's!
  5. That's pretty nice. I would probably follow the French B SL course or Steg 4 though as I have already done Steg 3. But do you actually get CAS hours for spending time at home studying French, or is it solely the time spent with your supervisor that counts? Yeah we have this cas diary in which we reflect the time spent on studying at home, and then we later on reflect the diary to our supervisor
  6. Yeah you can do language as CAS, I'm doing french ab initio(steg 3) with my current french teacher as my supervisor. Learning a language is very creative and being creative does not always mean you need to be artistic- creativity can be anything! (tell that to your cas coordinator!)Another thing that you can do for CAS is actually driving lessons! If you are currently getting your drivers licence you can take the lessons etc as cas (although we are just allowed 15 hrs, but its still something!) good luck
  7. Heya! I've also been into the journalism path but i fell back into the traditional economic footsteps. Anyways, as a journalist it's important ofcourse to be able to express yourself well in whichever language you want to write in. Being bilingual or fluent in 3 or more languages is a striving benefit for being an international journalist and newspapers strive for finding these unique journalists. As previously said, take 2 languages A1 HL and A2 HL(or 2 A1's, if you're up for the work.) Another course I would recommend is geography, understanding human nature and social networks is very impor
  8. I'm in the similar situation, I was just a little lazy in the first "real" year of the programme, and hoovering around the 33-34 mark, when i need around 40 points to get into the university I would like to apply to after the diploma. Everything is possible, and as the previous person stated, its all about hard work and dedication. My plan now is to recap most of the year under this summer, make sure to reread your notes/novels and be prepared for the upcoming year. I have planned to recap my free choices this summer (eco, ess, hist) to be as prepared as possible for the upcoming year and also
  9. As i have viewed it, in my school, the teachers set the predicted grades after the IB mock exams in febuary, and those are the results in which you will apply with to the uni's. But as previous posters also stated try engage in a lot of activities within the school so you might stand out amongst the teachers who set your predicted grades. It's not "over" yet, but if you work hard and the teachers will see improvements your predicteds will probably be higher than they would if you continue in the phase in which you are standing at now. In short terms, from my perspective and my schools view, ev
  10. Not sure yet of what to do, thinking of going kayaking for action- I've written lyrics for creativity and now i need to apply for some red cross assignment to get service bleh! It's good for me though
  11. Hey! Im actually doing EE in history as well, although about how appeasement and nevil chaimberlain was to an extent cause for ww2 or something in that direction. Reading your topics i found topic 1 and 2 really interesting as, my teachers have told me, they might be turning points in which it would be an awesome topic to discuss. Hitlers medical issues as i recall did affect the war on germanys behalf, he was addicted to drugs as well. Topic 2 seemed as previous posters have stated really intersting as you could analyse and discuss the turningpoints in which the era brought towards the societ
  12. Not really a fan of any English a2 books that my school has chosen this year, although A Street car named Desire seems to be a good one(reading it now over the summer.) I like the swedish IB books like I skuggan av ett brott, or Ondskan!
  13. 1. What is your real name? Morgan 2. Where are you from? Sweden! 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? Googled: Surviving IB.... 4. What made you register on IB Survival? THought it was a splendid idea to share and discuss opinions/views of various subjects- thought it was cool! 5. When did you (approximately) register here? Today. 6. What is your favourite IB subject? History 7. When are you graduating? 2012, may 8. What are your plans for university? Thinking of going to Stockholm School of Economics, but looking into some finance institute in London- or some other economic course in U
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