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  1. I see, and get the picture: Finnish is really a difficult language to learn. But actually I'm starting to learn it from now on my own, and practising it with an ex exchanger who attends the same school than I. I'm like a "pro" when it comes to learn other languages, so I really trust in myself. Finnish is a higher deal, so, that's why I will not risk my diploma by taking it at HL, but I will take it anyway at SL. Living in Finland, and speaking it colloquially, plus a 200+ hours compulsory course I have to attend, will certainly help me making it on SL with flying colors
  2. Hello, I'm Mexican, and currently about to finish IB1. I'm exactly one year away from my examinations. However, I'm going to continue my studies in Finland, starting next July. I'm taking the odd subject "Social and cultural anthropology" as part of my curriculum, but I really can't make my mind up of what the whole thing is about. My memory is bad for that kind of issues, and mostly, and even though my teacher is really good and is always looking for the best way to convey his ideas, we always come down to the point where it become tremendously boooooooring. Furthermore, there's no IB school
  3. How is it possible to wait and doing your exams later, I mean, like the post above?
  4. Well, when I told my IB Cordinator and EE carrier that I wanted to do my EE on world religions, despite the rarity of such a subject, they din't oppose. they said it was completely up to me. Actually, my school is the other extreme: It gives us more freedom to choice what we want, even though of the ridiculously limited curriculum offered.
  5. I would like to know if the IBO actually follows its policy of student's age, can I go having a gap year if I'm 17 and get back finishing my IB studies when I'm 18 going on 19???
  6. Math homework about continuity, reading 3 books for Philosophy: Freud, Nietzsche and Lipovetsky. And one more for Spanish. the doing some CAS reports (actually tons of) and also, a WL paper !!!! I'm doomed
  7. Oh, is that a cat-headed version of Hitler? The reminds me of the story of an Hindu goddess called Ganesha, who was killed and then reborn, but accidentally, was given the head of an elephant instead of a human one! It may not be exactly that way, but that's the general idea.
  8. Lucky Louie If you had the chance to study abroad for one gap year between IB1 and IB2, would you take it? If so, what country would you go?
  9. My school is very small, in my class we are 16 people, which is pretty decent, but the IB2 class has only 5 people, and preIB only 2!!! It's really sad, so that's maybe why there's only one Math course offered, and it's Math Studies. And even tough my teacher is incredibly good, she has to teach us Studies. I am really considering to study Maths in the University, or even nanotech. But with my poor formation in Maths I'm starting to reconsider that option. Luckily, I'm going to Finland as an exchange student for one gap year, and it's very likely that I will be placed in an IB school, but even
  10. A day has 24 hours. being that said, you only need 3, as much, of them to complete you CAS hours. So, hurry up!
  11. Yay, they are prone to develop a deep relationship with the gadget LOL
  12. Yeah, Pearson's is the best textbook for IB Maths, in my opinion, and it is just releasing a new edition this month. You can get it directly from the store at http://www.pearsonsc...ages/IB/IB.aspx. It's quite an expensive book though, and I guess it ships free to Europe. If you prefer, you can go to abebooks and you may find a better deal, but since it's a new edition, it's likely that you won't find prices to be too different, though it's worth trying it. But don't even try with Amazon, books are more expensive there I'm about to get it too, as soon as I get my ipad first LOL
  13. Hey, I thought it was I the only freaky guy who spent his holidays doing maths! I'm reviewing my precalculus an limits-continuity notes, It's shocking that there are some topics or procedures I have completely forgotten, like wiped out of my brain! Luckily i'm doing it now before it's too late. About your question, in general, I love IB Maths, especially since we are taught to be one with our Ti-84s! however, there's only one obscure topic I completely hate, and it is: Trigonometric Identities! I failed all of the exams related to trigonometric identities! It's just that my brain wasn't built
  14. Is there any of you actually taking further mathematics? In my country, no school offers this subject, so it's pretty much a rare one. I don't know of anyone taking it, it sounds like a class for very gifted genii guys, even the name can put off any curious. If you are taking it, please tell us the ordinary Ibs what it is like, else, I would start seriously thinking it's only a myth.
  15. I'm about to join an association dedicated to the protection of animals, their action range is very thorough, since they dedicate to denounce animal abuse by taking legal actions, they have an asylum themselves for abandoned cats where they take care of them by feeding and sterilizing them, as well as looking for families to adopt them, they hold talks in schools about animal care, and many stuff more. Do you think this may account for cas, since it's related to animals rather than to people? I found it really difficult to serve to people because I'm some kind of "misanthropist" I cannot stand
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