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  1. my advice is that if you want to LEARN use the course companion. But if you want to REVISE for a test or exam the study guide is good.
  2. yup... exactly... thats how it works for us... but you should talk to your teacher who will obviously clarify it better... an there are two more sections... I cant remember them rite now... but one of them is graded depending on your group 4 and the other is on safety that your teacher grades... This is usually one grade and its added to the rest of your grade...
  3. Not everyones labs go to the IB. According to my teacher the highest grade labs, the ones in the middle and the lowest. But the labs that count for individual grades is two labs. But this system is confusing. It does not mean two entire labs. But two sections i.e. design, data processing and conclusion. So you could do 100 labs or 5 labs. But for each section i.e. design, data processing and conclusion, there will be two labs. For example I do 20 labs for my entire IB curriculum. At the end I have to pick labs according to section. So lets say for design section I take the 2nd and 15th lab w
  4. weekdays: 4-6 hours weekends: 12-13 hours
  5. havent started ma orals yet... so have no idea of how it works... but u need to be more specific...
  6. I would love to be rich...Lol Seriously, I would love to be part of a development NGO anywhere in Africa.
  7. I agree. Writing the coursework in 1500 words souns impossible. Even 2500 word wasnt enough for me. By the way, tee blake why is my post in quotes in your post?? lol
  8. What part of the syllabus does this fall under? Macroeconomics?? Because we kind of started inflation but my teacher never mentioned this... Not yet... So disinflation means there is an increase in prices but at a slower rate??
  9. I know EXACTLY how you feel. But the point is instead of worrying about the past we should plan for the future.(Cliche) So why not start learning what you are going to do later in the year, in advance so when you show up in class you are doing that math again, from the beginning. Lol But i definetly dont mind going back to my first year.(dont we all?) I still remember i used to find sequences and series abit challenging. Now its laughable. lol
  10. I guess I have to agree with HMS because it makes sense that you need to be challenged otherwise education is pointless. Ah well I will expect the worst in Uni. Better to expect the worst rather thinkin its easy. Besides anything for the first time can never be easy. The problem is that we see this benefit in the long run. But in the short-run you just wanna kick back and relax. lol.
  11. If you take three sciences, I think its the same as I mentioned before. You focus on one but contribute a little. Because like I said its how you work not what you are working on. Ofocurse that does not mean that you have to neglect the whole project but try to go with the personal skills criteria. The criteria I think is the same for all experimental science subjects. Ow by the way we also had DT along with Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  12. In my school we are allowed to know our total predicted grades out of 45. But not predicteds of each subject. If you want to know predicteds of individual subjects you ask the teacher. Some teachers mention it others dont.
  13. Nah dont worry dude. We had like three days to do everything. I met my group members for the first time three days before it was due. The group 4 project doesnt really matter. Its your "personal skills" that matter as mentioned by moneyfaery. If you have seen the criteria it just depends on whether you put effort, or collaborate well e.t.c. So the project does not matter its how you do it. I would say dont worry. Besides its barely 3% of your final grade. I think, I am not sure. But I know its very small component.
  14. mmm... There is already so many sides too this. Lol. So KlSmash, do you know which Uni your friends are in.
  15. I have heard of schools with averages upto 37. Dont know what the higest is. Our school is not to the top but it averages around 31.
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