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  1. Well done Hus and Tony! English A1 HL - 7 Spanish ab initio SL - 7 Economics HL - 7 Physics HL - 7 Chemistry SL - 7 Mathematics SL - 7 Extended Essay (English) - A Theory of Knowledge - B 45/45
  2. Yeah I completely agree that Paper 1 was fine but Paper 2 was disgusting, definitely harder than any I've ever done. Like normally the Section A Motion questions are fine, but this year even those were really difficult. Definitely hoping for lower grade boundaries (and that'll probably be the case). Like you, HorribleHenry, I did the first two section B questions. I had no idea what to do for the orbital speed of the rocket, and I don't remember what I got anyway. I found B2 to be quite doable (apart from the Faraday's Law question, but that's because I never understood it lol) but eh, ah
  3. I'm surprised you all found P1 to be easy; I found it really difficult, probably one of the more confusing and tricky papers I've done. :/ I felt fine with P2 though; no hiccups there. I'm confident I did really well in that one, although I don't think my distinguishing between continuous and line spectra were precise enough (I did Q4, the atomic theory question).
  4. ^ Middlesex; I remember I briefly mentioned the title with regards to dehumanisation etc.
  5. Ugh I did that as well :/ Yeah hoping for consequential marks there. And I found P2 more difficult than P1; like you, IB Failing, I finished P1 really early but found P2 a lot more difficult
  6. Hellooooo can I please have some help on a Relativity question? "Calculate the total energy of an electron moving with a velocity of 0.9c." I tried using the formula E = (y*mo)c^2 but that didn't give me the right answer... Thanks n_n
  7. Pirate of course, because I've compiled a rather lengthy list of pirate-related jokes, so. And plus, it's farrrrr more fun to talk like a pirate, me hearty.
  8. My name's Josh, but the username 'Josh' was taken so I added a full stop ( . ) to the end. ...yeah not that exciting.
  9. Let's be honest; you used 'there' instead of 'their', so there's absolutely no chance in you getting your Diploma, sorry. ok just kidding. I heard that roughly 70% get their Diploma but that's if you apply yourself and put in the work.
  10. I would do VCE at the drop of a hat tbqh. IB is way too stressful and I have no intention of going overseas.
  11. Geography: How can spoons be used to colour in picture? Can you use a spoon to put food in your mouth? Latin: Using spoons to cut a steak. It's a lost cause.
  12. I did Relativity and Astro.
  13. To add on to that! -Biggest complainer -Has a/most extravagant social life -Most mental breakdowns -Iron willed
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