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  1. English A HL - 6 Biology SL - 7 French B SL - 6 History HL - 6 Chemistry HL - 7 Math SL - 7 Biology EE - B (Is there a difference in the ATP hydrolase activity in Hsp104 orthologs of S. pombe, S. cerevisiae, and C. albicans?) TOK - A Total: 42
  2. I'm doing the same topics! I'd love to review, just send me your skype ID.
  3. If you have troubles with uncertainty at this point then I suggest you don't pursue a science essay. I don't mean to sound harsh, but it'd be best if you picked something much easier like History or English.
  4. The major reason I find why people tend to retell the stories is because of a lack of adequate structure. If you plan out major devices/content you want to discuss in separate paragraphs/arguments, you won't be as enticed to jump into a narrative. Also, try to incorporate quotes in a smooth and economical manner, rather than just sticking in a large extract in the hope that the reader will know what point you are trying to make.
  5. In DoaS, the scene where Ben enters when Willy and Charley are playing cards is another example of dramatic irony. Also, in the restaurant scene, Happy tells Ms. Forsynthe that Biff is a player in the New York Giants.
  6. There's no definitive outline to the introduction, but you should include the following: -A sentence or two about the subject of the extract. -How the author develops this subject. -Major literary devices (1 or 2).
  7. Perhaps you could talk about the physical stage itself, the references of Willy feeling "boxed in," and the small confined space of the Kowalski home?
  8. What, in your opinion, are some questions which have a high likelihood of showing up on Paper 2 of the History HL/SL exam?
  9. Here you go: http://icsib.wikispaces.com/file/view/group+1+specimen+papers+2013+language+A.pdf
  10. I know the IB likes it when you incorporate your community/school into your projects. Maybe you could look at bacterial growth around your school or other public places, and try to find the relative abundance of different bacterial species? You'd be surprised to find how rich and diverse the bacterial ecosystem can be even in environments like offices. For me, personally, I did a topic in biochem about enzymes from certain species of yeast. Maybe you could look into that?
  11. I've browsed through many of the sample questions on drama in paper 2, and a term I see repeated often is "dramatic effectiveness." What specifically is this referring to, and how might I approach a question like this?
  12. I have gotten to focus my scope a bit, with discussing the decreased legitimacy of the Red Army throughout the war (corruption, decreased morale, etc.) and how that led to greater opposition of the CPSU. However, my main problem lies in the actual wording of the RQ. Do you think you could give me some guidance in that regard?
  13. I am researching about the Soviet-Afghan War(1979-1989) and to what extent it led to the collapse of the USSR. I argue that it was not the major factor for the collapse, but rather it accelerated the social and economic problems already present in the USSR and greatly delegitimized its leadership. How can I narrow or focus my question? I feel I am being too broad in my research. If anyone is familiar with this topic, I'd greatly appreciate your advice.
  14. Here is my title so far: In what ways, and to what extent did the Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1989) bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union? If it is too broad, or even too narrow, how can I reword my question to make it appropriate?
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