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  1. My teacher has brought to my attention that when I talk about art in my workbook that I just talk about subject/theme/content without exploring the technique behind the pieces and the ways the artist enhances meaning through technique. Anyone have any good resources/advice for how to talk about technique?
  2. I think that an ethical way of limiting future population growth would be to increase access to contraceptives, sex ed, abortion, etc. Use of contraceptives also needs to be encouraged. Legally restricting people's sexual and procreative activities seems to be inherently unethical to me. We just need to create a global culture in which using contraceptives is a good thing that most people do. I don't think that the problem is the size of the population but rather the distribution of population and distribution of resources. For example, many European countries (like France) aren't having chi
  3. I'm absolutely in love with the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness. I have a few reasons why: I find the characters easy to relate to, nuanced, and heartbreaking. You catch yourself loving the protagonists and fearing the antagonists while simultaneously being disgusted by good people and sympathizing and aching with horrible, awful people. Patrick Ness is positively poetic. I want to carve some of his words into me soul so I can always keep them close. The issues dealt with in the series are familiar enough to recognize but distant enough to analyze and reevaluate without getting feeli
  4. I don't understand what would make eating meat a moral action or how it would make someone a good person. What does eating meat contribute to the functioning of society? Personally, the answer I came up with was nothing. However, when I ask myself what does not eating meat contribute to society and how well it functions I can think of a few things.
  5. Does patriotism have positive or negative impacts on individuals or societies?
  6. Where I'm from school starts back up soon and I was wondering what school supplies do you use/like the most?
  7. Okay, wow. Racism is not the awareness or acknowledgement of race. Racism, as a social construct, is racial prejudice plus racial power. It's a racial group (and members of that group) that has social power who use that social power to oppress another racial group, and members of that group, simply because they are a different race. I really don't think that it is common knowledge that people will conform to stereotypes. In fact, I've never heard that. I can't speak for other people but I have never known an individual to truly conform to stereotypes about them. I will agree that racism does a
  8. I think that's a good way to approach things, but I usually take a step further. If I'm not part of a social group then I do try to keep a blank mind about it until I'm able to get information and opinions about that group from somebody who is a member of that group. For example, I'm far more likely to take a Muslim's opinion on Muslim culture before I'm likely to take an atheist's or christian's opinion on Muslim culture. I know that in the queer community my friends and I all find this saying to be accurate (and kind of funny): Asking who is the man and who is the woman in a same-sex relati
  9. How do you think same-gender relationships should work? In some relationships there isn't always a man to protect or a woman to treasure. And if those relationships can be healthy and work just fine why does any relationship need strict gender roles?
  10. Group 1: World Lit. HL It's a requirement to HL in this get your IB diploma at my school, so you're kind of screwed if you don't like English. Group 2: Spanish SL French SL Chinese SL Group 3: European History/20th Century Europe HL Psychology SL/HL Philosophy SL/HL Group 4: Honors Chemistry SL Biology HL ESE SL We also used to have Physics as a SL but apparently not enough people signed up to take the class even though, off the top of my head, I know nearly two dozen people who did. Group 5: Math SL/HL Math Studies SL Group 6: Art& Design HL Creative Dance SL/HL Music SL/HL Theatre SL/HL
  11. I had no idea that The Declaration was part of a trilogy! And here I was, wishing (for years!) that there was a sequel or something.
  12. First time I read it I was 12. I think I wanted to read it because we had read Animal Farm in school and I figured I would like it because they had the same author. I loved it. It's one of my favorite books and my original copy is so worn down the cover has fallen off. Definitely changed my perspective of the world. I'm curious as to what you think the reader is supposed to/does take from Winston ultimately succumbing to Big Brother? I know the first time I read it I felt as if resistance was futile to such mammoth forces, but that may be because I'm a trekkie
  13. Studies have shown that children of lesbian parents are pretty much the same as children of heterosexual parents, except that children of lesbians "scored higher than kids in straight families on some psychological measures of self-esteem and confidence, did better academically and were less likely to have behavioral problems, such as rule-breaking and aggression." So, based off of these facts, it's better for a child to have two moms (or one mom who identifies as a lesbian) than a mother and a father. Article: http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1994480,00.html
  14. I think I may love you. And to add onto your second paragraphs studies shows that transgender individuals have brain chemistry and make-up more similar to the sex that they identify as then then sex they were assigned at birth. Not about homosexuality but interesting none the less.
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