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  1. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me and each other for IB Philosophy. I have just checked my IB Philosophy SL scores, and I got the grade I wanted: a 7. Thank you all for the help and advice . I plan on sharing the materials I used to revise for Philosophy soon. I actually made a 40-some page IB Philosophy Revision guide, and I plan on sharing it soon. Thank you all again .
  2. How much of an overlap is there between SAT Math Level 2 topics and IB Math SL? I noticed that the Math SL test has a lot of pre-calc and the Math level 2 test is basically pre-calc, so I want to know if it is a good idea to study for the Math level 2 exam as preparation for Math SL.
  3. It's all a double standard. It's all tyranny of the majority. If homosexuals were in the majority and heterosexuals were in the minority, then there would likely be prevalent hetereophobia.
  4. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but I've already done this last summer in preparation for IB1. I know it paid off: I got the SAT over with (went from a 180 on the PSAT -> 2300 first try) and did extremely well in all my IB classes throughout the year and I did well on the IB/AP tests at the end of the year. Even though I didn't cover nearly the amount of content I wanted to cover last summer, it was the self-discipline I exercised last summer that paid off in dividends in IB1. My grades were consistently higher than those of my more intelligent peers because not because I was smarter t
  5. I'm entering my second - and last - year of IB next school year. This summer, I plan to prepare for all my courses, as I did last summer. How would you recommend preparing for the following courses? IB Biology HL/AP Biology: I'm planning on going through a review book and doing past FRQs (for AP) and papers (for IB). What else? Any good review books? IB History of the Americas HL: I'll be looking over my AP US History review books for this one as well as asking the teacher for the list of required books and I'll also ask him about the historical investigation. What is the historical investig
  6. Text. I did not understand the picture upon first examination, and I still do not fully understand the picture. I suppose that if one did the picture, the following links may prove of interest: http://www.gmalivuk....2/phil402_1.htm http://phil415.pbworks.com/f/Nagel.pdf http://plato.stanfor...iousness-unity/ I think I beasted the text ... it was all existentialism ... nothing else to it.
  7. I really need to revise Descartes and epistemology in general. After that, I need to revise artificial intelligence. I wish somebody had notes on these !
  8. How are you guys preparing for the paper 1 Core question ("What is a human being")? Does anyone have any useful revision guides or anything ?
  9. Thanks for reading over my essay! I pretty much knew from the beginning that this essay was definitely not a "solid 6, maybe 7" because first of all, it's ~400 words. IB asks for 800 word essays. Second, as I was typing my essay, I almost felt embarrassed at the level of superficial "analysis" that I engaged in. I agree with your "ping-pong" strategy ... I need to be able to describe Locke's theory of "right" while pointing out strengths and weaknesses. What out of 30 equates to a 7? This helps immensely ! I really appreciate your taking the time to read my essay. Hopefully I'll be able to
  10. Thanks for all your help and your patience ! I Google'd for some markschemes, but I couldn't find anything useful. However, I do have several essays which my teacher has graded. The essay below is a "solid 6, maybe 7" according to my teacher. What do you think? I personally think that my teacher grades optimistically - very much so! - so please tell me the brutal truth . I'd rather be told the truth right now rather than be deluded that I'm actually writing solid essays. The question was: "What does Locke mean by "right"? (I believe this is a paraphrasing of an old IB question) Here is my
  11. Thank you so much for the markscheme! No You have to understand and be able to argue/re-explain all of the concepts within the text you studied for Paper 2 and I really don't think Sparknotes could possibly supply you with sufficient knowledge to do so. To be honest it's not like Philosophy is very demanding, I mean there's only a single text to study, so being thorough and learning the points made in the text isn't going to take you too long or much effort at all. If you want a 7 in Philosophy you don't have to put out /that/ much effort but you do need to make SOME! It's not about name dro
  12. I wrote a fairly solid CA, and now I just have to ace paper 1 and paper 2 of the exam in May. Does anyone have any tips for how to study for IB Philosophy? My Philosophy class was pretty thorough. Should I just re-read everything we've studied from day one? That seems incredibly boring - reading material I've already read. How do you recommend that I study?
  13. How does one go about expressing the uncertainty of a dimensionless unit? For Example, pH: Do I just say the water has a pH of 7, +/- 1? Or is there a unit needed after the 1?
  14. I'm doing an IA on the effect of fertilizer on the primary productivity of an aquatic plant. I'm not good at critical thinking - that's why I didn't take IB Physics or Chem! - so I'm having a little trouble wrapping my head around a couple of concepts. Can someone please verify if I'm correct? Just tell me if I'm wrong, OK, because I need to do this IA: Primary productivity encompasses gross productivity and net productivity. (I'm pretty sure this is correct) Gross productivity: total photosynthetic production Net productivity: total photosynthetic production - respiration To calculate gros
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