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  1. Remember that the number of pages you use depends on the spacing and size of your handwriting. I have tiny (but still legible) handwriting and usually write about 200 words per page, so 3.5 sheets for me could easily be 4 or 5 sheets for someone else. Anyway, quality definitely > quantity.
  2. If you're taking your exams in May of 2012, you can use Things Fall Apart. As some of the above posters have noted, the work is a salient piece on Nigeria, even though it is written in English. However, IB revised the English A1 curriculum to include only works in translation for future examination sessions (after May 2012). ^ according to my teacher
  3. APA seemed most appropriate, but I wanted to check. Thanks! According to the EE coordinator at my school, IB only requires all EEs of the same subject from one school to follow the same citation format. Since I'm the only person doing a Maths EE at my school, I get to choose.
  4. What would be the most appropriate format for a Maths EE? This is the first time I've written a research paper in math, and I feel that using MLA or APA (both of those are geared towards specific subjects or areas) would not be apt.
  5. Thank you so much for your help, Desy! One last question: At the end of the task, it gives data points for human toleration of vertical acceleration and asks how well the first trendline fits the data. It then asks what should be changed to best fit the second set of data (+Gz). Should I use technology or algebraic methods (or both) to find a best fit line? Or should I do something else?
  6. Sorry if these questions have already been answered, but: 1. When the task says, "Define appropriate variables and parameters, and identify any constraints for the data," does this refer to the limitations of the numbers (in terms of a domain/range)? What else must I include for that part? 2. After the first set of data (+Gx), it asks to "Create an equation that fits the graph," but the task later asks to "Use technology to find another function that models the data." What am I supposed to do for the second part? Do I have to create another equation using exponential/some other function form,
  7. show all screenshots i.e. all tables you generated. I suggest sticking to one method. Excel is easier. but if the first part in which you used TI was for the easier questions in the beginning I think it should be okay to use TI first and when you're asked to find more values use Excel. Hmm, ok. But since I'll be generating at least 25 different tables for 25 different values, would it be alright if I put these tables in an appendix? hmmm I think in excel the exponential trendline is always e to the power of something and you can't change it. what are you looking for? you can opt to do the gr
  8. I have my values for T9 (2,x) plotted, and the exponential trendline fits perfectly, but the equation excel gives is based on an e value. Am I making a stupid mistake somewhere, or is there a setting on my ms excel that keeps setting the exponential equations to some power of e?
  9. Thanks! And for the screenshot: if I use excel only, would I have to show screenshots of every a and x value I will use in the portfolio or can I just show a screenshot of one calculation of a and x, briefly explain what I put into the spreadsheet, and say that I used the same procedure for all other values of a and x used? [edit] ^This refers to the second part of the portfolio, where it asks you to find various values of Tn (a,x). Finally - I completed the first part of the portfolio using a TI calculator. Would it be bad if I switched to using excel halfway through if I made it clear which
  10. I figured it out! Thanks! And sorry I couldn't find the post. I'm new to the website and still finding my way around. :/ As a follow-up question - should I put screenshots for every calculation or would it be sufficient to show one screenshot, show which functions I inputted, and say that I calculated everything using the same procedure? The post with the Excel instructions also say, "When you want to tabulate other values of a and x, I suggest starting a new worksheet so you can use exactly the same formulas for Tn and Sn (look at the image posted below); because starting a new table will cha
  11. this is probably kinda late, but you can use Excel for that. it makes everything simple. if you need the Excel formulas, dig for the old posts, I swear I've posted it some time last January/February. This confused me more haha. I have some time before my portfolio is due, so it would be great to hear back on how to do this!
  12. I'm at the second part, and I'm finding various values for T9 (a,x). To calculate this value, I type in each number in the sequence and then press enter (so I'd have to type 1 + 2ln2 + (2ln2)^2/2! + ... all the way up to (2ln2)^9/9!). This is incredibly time consuming. I was wondering if there is any more efficient way to find the T9 values? Maybe plugging in something into "Y=" and using something fancy to find the result? Someone suggested taking a screenshot of my calculations and putting in the portfolio, but I can't imagine how that can be reasonable with the method I'm using now. It's ju
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