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  1. I don't think there is a subject on IB in which you make robots... but in ITGS you have to know programming because you will need it for your internal assesment. The papers are about how IT impact on society but for the project you have to use at least three different programs. I did a web site in dreamweaver and used photoshop, flash (including flash programming to make galleries and stuff), etc. The people that used more programming in my school were the ones that used visual basic, you can do anything with it. So don't say it sucks, the project is actually pretty fun to do
  2. What is your real name? Rosario Medellin Where are you from? Monterrey, Mexico How did you find out about IB Survival? I don't remember, I think I was looking for some IB related information on google and I came up to find this site What made you register on IB Survival? I wanted to know more about other people who are taking the IB diploma. When I first found this website I realized that most of the other people who are taking the diploma around the world live the same experiences and feel the same as I do. This made me feel identified and very curious about this community so I decided to jo
  3. dude if you really want to pass you need to start studying asap, you still have time though you chose math, physics and chem on HL, they are some of the most difficul for the diploma, good luck lol my exams are on may 2012.. I am kind of nervous
  4. mira, te lo dire en español porque no se como se digan los trabajos de evaluacion interna de lengua A1 en ingles y pues supongo que sabes español.. A lo que to maestra se refiere es al (trabajo de literatura mundial) TLM1 y TLM2 hay 3 tipos diferentes de TLMs que puedes hacer A- Analisis B- Creativo C- Comparación Para el TLM tipo A tienes que escoger un aspecto literario, puede ser de un fragmento o libro de los que les hayan dicho en tu prepa, y tratarlo en tu ensayo. Puede ser cualquier cosa que se te ocurra, por ejemplo, en el mio yo hable acerca de la presencia del totalitarismo en un fr
  5. you should try some more variables ligh and shadow for only one kind of leaf is not enough, try varyables like the type of plants or temperatures you can also use a whole plant and then extract the chlorophylls to quantify them using the spectrophotometer or you can check the change on glucose, but these are like more complex anyway you can keep on your light/shadow experiment as long as you use a good quantity of variables you could use different types of plants, for example one that needs too much sun, or less sun, or too much water, and so on
  6. it is ok as long as the variables are not too different, like comparing literacy rate and temperature.. it is pretty obvious that they are not related at all so, as long as your variables are involved in the same matter and you can justify your results there should be no problem.. and also I think you can use chi-square.. I am comparing GDP and imports, I am going to make a scatter plot, chi-square test and I am not quite sure yet but I am planning on getting a table of expected values as well
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    some tips and advice on how to get a good grade on your maths studies project or your math SL/HL portfolio
  8. I think it would be better if you do it on any other country besides your own, but since you can choose any topic on you preference I guess there would not be any problems as long as the procedures are correct
  9. I don't really understand if you are asking us that or if you are asking us if this is a good question for your WLE, but if the second is the case then I have to agree with Jar Jar, this question is not enough for 1200-1500 words.. besides, by analyzing that you would be talking about more of a social problem rather than a problem within the story, you can talk about it of you are able to link it to the plot in a non anecdotic way.
  10. Version 2006


    Guia en español del curso de Estudios Matemáticos This is the guide in spanish for the course of Math Studies SL
  11. I am making my EE on visual arts but my school doesn't offer it as class. I would like to ask you if you can recommend me any book that talks about the elements (color, shape, background...) that you explained? I have already done my analysis and everything, but I need a book to put there as theory I would be really thankfull if you could help me :C my EE is due on friday
  12. I am not quite sure how many people we have for every class, but the whole IB generation is of 84 people, and we are not an all IB school, we started being 135 but a lot of people were kicked out and some others droped during the past two years.. however the class with less people is itgs (we are like 12) and the class with the most people is hl biology (like 65, lol) actually this has been the year which had been more students, the may 2011 generation were of like 70 people, and the may 2013 generation started being smaller because the council increased the standards for accepting people into
  13. I am doing my lab report on photosynthesis I scanned the extracts of my plants with the spectrophotometer the thing is that I was going to calculare the quantity of chlorophyll a and b for different colors of light, but I think that the formulas I got are not correct chlorophyll a= 12.7 * A663 - 2.69 * A645 * (volume of extract/ milliliter*grams) chlorophyll b= 22.9 * A645 - 4.68 * A663 * (volume of extract/ milliliter*grams) I don´t know if they are correct because the source is not very reliable then I read about the jefrey and humphrey's formulas, but there says that they are for 90% aceton
  14. Well, my EE is almost finished, I just need some feedback to write the final version, and about ToK... my essay needs just a little makeover. Anway, I have been wondering about something. Do you guys in other IB schools take only the subjects for your may exams, or do you take all the subjects that your school offers but you only do the IAs of the subjects for your may exams?? I ask this because at my school we have to take all the subjects that the school offers for IB (math (either studies or standard), biology, physics, french, english (a2), spanish (a1), philosophy and ITGS) plus the subje
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