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  1. Looks like you're considering ETH Zürich or EPFL. As of February, Swiss universities are no longer part of the Erasmus Program (due to high costs and votes against mass immigration in February). Generally, you won't get scholarships for Swiss universities as the tuition fees are very low. (Exception: If you're a Swiss citizen and can't even afford the 650 CHF per semester). Now, I know living in Switzerland is pricey, but there are also other possibilities. For example, I have a friend who's from Germany. He lives in a student hostel (which is cheaper than an apartment) and works 30% at the A
  2. Banned because that's no excuse for not saying something like 'I'm sorry, but I won't be able to reply any time soon'.
  3. Banned because you seem to find the time to respond to other topics.
  4. A lot of universities require Maths HL for both Architecture and Economics. So if you don't know what and where you want to study... maybe you could take Maths HL and start with 4? If it's too much for you, there's always the possibility of dropping it to SL. Either way, I'd check the requirements of the unis you want to go to (also in terms of points). For Switzerland: Architecture requires Maths HL, Economics works with SL.
  5. It should be. Plus I am swiss and i've lived here all my life so i'm pretty much fluent (i was too lazy to take french A)... why my parents put me in a private school, i don't know, but if i had just done the matu like any other swiss person my post-highschool life would have been so much easier. What level german did you take in IB? Also to get into EPFL you don't necessarily have to get 38 (which is reassuring, because i currently have a 37) you can get into a one year preparatory course with only a 32! Ah, o'kay. I remembered reading 'Language skills and/or exams under reserve' and I know t
  6. I think for EPFL you should be fine with Maths and Physics at HL, especially if you don't want to study anything Biology related. Biology HL is just so much work! Memorizing and learning everything by heart is time consuming and getting 38 points (without bonus) is difficult enough. - And from what I've heard for ETH and EPFL it doesn't matter whether you took 3 or 4 HLs. They seem to care more about your subject choices and points. (Btw. Is French B HL good enough for EPFL?)
  7. Banned because I feel like I'm supposed to do something.
  8. O‘kay. So. I‘m assuming you‘re christian and believe in ‘no sex before marriage‘, correct me if I‘m wrong. You‘re setting religious belief equal to christianity, which I think is a mistake. There are so many different religions and every religion has their own ,rules‘ you can‘t just put them in one pot. Also, atheism can be seen as a belief. In my opinion, this girl having children has nothing to do with christianity, but with stupidity. According to you this would not have happened because she would have to get married first, which you cannot do if you‘re underaged. I agree to some point. - B
  9. ETH Zürich is in Switzerland (Zurich), not Germany. Anyway: Admission without entrance exam if the following requirements are fullfilled: 38 out of 42 points (without bonus points);a) mathematics, b) one of the following: physics, chemistry or biology and c) 1 language A at Higher Level (HL);3 additional subjects at Standard Level (SL) of the following: physics, natural sciences, geography, history, economics, 1 language only, geometry, computer science.Otherwise: Reduced Entrance Exam ETHZ So, it would also depend on your SL subjects. But without Maths at HL it's going to be difficult for y
  10. Granted, but as soon as you're finished you'll forget all about it. I wish I had more time to study.
  11. Banned because at some point I decided that it would be better for me if I'd get some sleep.
  12. Banned because even if they manage to get rid of Kim Jong Un they'll have to start from scratch.
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