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  1. I'd do this: To what extent were the main principles of communism put into practice during the communist reign of Stalin? or change it into "to what extent was Stalin a leader following the rules of communism" The topics about Cuban missile crisis are nice to write, i wrote for example : To what extent was the outbreak of a nuclear war possible in October 1961 due to the cuban missile crisis? So you could do for example To what extent was Fidel Castro's policy important in the Cuban missile crisis? Thare are many letters from Khrushchev to Kennedy writing about the problem, as well as a good
  2. coffeine, liters of caffine and cold showers and it'll be fine
  3. guitar. or sing if you could get $1000 or or not have to write your EE and TOK what would you choose?
  4. i've got the same problem.. mine is sth. like "What were the differences in attitudes of People living in Berlin towards the fall of the Belrin Wall?" but it's connected with WW2 Maybe something connected with quite recent problems, like WTC or about French kings, or French revolution? you should choose something that interests you and it is always easier to write about something you have studied, so as far as i do not know what are your topics on your history lessons it is hard to help you you can look through other topics about History IA, they might help you invent a topic!
  5. i don't study. i just usually do my homework. edit: probably that's because if i do not get enough sleep i'm just not able to concentrate, so i prefer to sleep and concentrate, instead of learning and sleeping during all my classes - i can learn more paying attention during them, than studying at night
  6. IB FML what would you do if you were a totalitarian leader?
  7. noo third ;p first? i'm eating an apple now i'm drinking coffee now i'm in a school uniform
  8. And some Polish music: Metal: anything by Behemoth Rock: Wilki - Bohema Doda - Szansa Ewa Farna - bez łez Pop: Kasia Cerekwicka - Potrafię kochać, S.O.S. Gosia Andrzejewicz - Słowa, Lustro Russian: Dance: Timati - moscow never sleeps, V klube
  9. totally the senior year. The junior was fine, not much to do and lot of free time, while now there are all the deadlines (TOK, EE, IA's) and we also should be preparing for the exams, which just makes everybody deadly tired
  10. come back home [boarding school], go to a party and than sleep for a week than go for a trip around Germany with friends D
  11. well, if your teacher suggested you putting a picture, than it should be fine i myself have two tables, though it's not the same
  12. In my school it IB is not liked, because we are considered as the priviledged ones (it's not true!). The AP students think we do not do anything more than they do, which is just their ignorance, bacause they don't really work until it's one month before exams, and we have to do cas, tok and all ia's while they're just relaxing. The two programmes in our school never liked eachother, also because ib students used to have slightly different uniforms. Oh, and these of us living in a students' house can have pc's, while whe AP students can't, but come on, we NEEd them for work. Who could imagine w
  13. granted, but then you would have to write all IA's ^^ i wish i wasn't so pissed off right now
  14. well.. rarely, but i sometimes come back form school and start crying, because i'm too tired to do anything else but it's like once per 1-2 months
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