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  1. I don't think newspeak is a good example for this topic. You need to think more broadly, there are good ideas on this facebook site, but its getting too late now. The essays have to be submitted soon.
  2. I find Nov 2012 topic quite difficult, but found some really good ideas on this Facebook site. There are ideas also for other topics.
  3. I don't think faith can be a basis of knowledge at all. There was an interesting discussion on this Facebook site on this, actually it contained ideas that anyone can use.
  4. This has got to be the most popular topic. I want to mention other ways of knowing too. Check out this Facebook site for good discussion. And good luck.
  5. Hi guys I found a good page on Facebook that gives advice on topic 1 and others too. Hope its useful. I think Topic 1 is quite tricky.
  6. I beat you, I've written 1400 words and I only need one more paragraph to complete my essay lol didn't mean to brag jk yes it's best to start now, my school had started writing a few months ago. you do have the list of prescribed titles right? if not it's in this forum. just pick one that really really interests you and start writing. the real deadline is in March or April I think but every school might have different internal deadlines (mine is next month so...) so you better ask your teacher. PS. I like your sig! looks cuter than mine. yesss i have the list of prescribed titless, and im ba
  7. Human sciences study human behaviour, like psychology anthropoloogy, sociology etc. Wikipedia has an article about it. Also good info can be found in textbooks like van de Lagemaat's Theory of Knolwedge. Sharing ideas in facebook maybe good.
  8. Maybe it is good to think if faith can be a basis of knowledge at all, maybe something more is required than just believing something.
  9. This is interesting. I am thinking maybe critical thinking is always also creative. So you could maybe challenge the question like that.
  10. Well I'm having my social life for sure. If I can't do my homework at least I skim read. Still I'm hoping won't happen when I get my results. Check it out Hitler hears his IB results. Hilarious.
  11. I think I will go for topic 3. I will use my knowledge of history, but I also want add some other areas knowledge. I found this blog quite useful for this ... there seems to be quite useful stuff about different areas of knowledge.
  12. 20 downloads

    How did the McCarthyism affect the American Society in the 1950s. Hiatory assignment. Got 5.
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