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  1. Lithuanian A1 HL: 7 French B HL: 7 English A2 HL: 6 History HL: 6 Mathematics SL: 7 Physics SL: 6 EE/TOK: 1 Overall: 40 points. Excited about that ))
  2. Paper 1 was supposed to be a gift, but I found myself rushed to finish mini essay. So worried about that because I used only 3 (or 4, don't remember exactly) sources and each only for once. Also, I didn't show much knowledge - remember only mentioning Manchuria, Abyssinia, and something else. I think I will lose quite many points for that. Paper 2 was much better for me. I chose questions 6 and 18 - the one about causes of WWII and the one about Hitler's social and economic policies. Of course, everything never goes as "perfectly" as I want it to be, but I think I managed to show contradictin
  3. My Maths portfolio was sent for moderation (together with the IAs of all the rest 5 subjects). My teacher wrote me 35/40. For my Lacsap's fractions task, I also consulted IBS (asked several questions concerning the method of finding GS, etc.) However, I think that there are limited ways to solve that problem (well, some 10 000 candidates cannot find 10 000 approaches to the same maths problem which has a unique solution, can they?), so it is obvious that some candidates will have used pretty much the same method, and it will not be a plagiarism. Also, as long as you explained everything (e.g.
  4. I have a question about how to use GeoGebra. Well, when I used it to find technologically the function that models the data, it showed me the equation starting: 0x^9+0x^8+0.7x^7... The problem is, when I substituted this equation (omitting 0x^9 and 0x^8) into another programme "Graph", I got a completely different function than GeoGebra gave. I supposed that those constants that GeoGebra showed to be zeros were not really zeros. Could anyone help me find out those constants with GeoGebra? Thanks a lot!!
  5. I'm also doing the same task and I found that polynomial function of ax^9+bx^8+... suits all the data points! However, my GDC can't find the constants a,b,c... by using the matrix method. But I can write down the equation the GeoGebra gives. Is it an appropriate way of "use of technology" for the question "use technology to find another function that models the data"? Or am I supposed to use my GDC only for this question? And the last inquiry: since both cubic and 9th degree functions are polynomial functions, am I still able to model the cubic function for my "analytical" modelling, and 9th d
  6. I need to write my English A2 written task from "The Great Gatsby". If anyone knows some appropriate topic or can give some advice about what to avoid, etc, I'd be really thankful! Thank you for your help
  7. I will try to answer from my personal experience I'm taking French B HL, and I've already passed (successfully) both Delf B2 and Dalf C1 (It's my 4th year of learning French, actually). So yeah, from what I've noticed, French B SL corresponds to ~Delf B1, but I'd say, B SL is a bit harder than B1. B HL is somewhat similar to B2 (at least my teacher says so). But personally, I found B2 harder than French B HL. In B2 we are required to answer questions from texts (somewhat similar to Paper 1) by using our own words, questions require synthesis of sources and some "elevated" skills of French, i.
  8. Well, for me it was totally the opposite. I wrote exactly 600 words of the essay and its content was not that bad, so I'm pretty satisfied with it. But the first part was muuuch worse. In my practice tests I also scored only about half, and somehow in a real test I hoped to have scored a bit more. But I'm not sure, though. Anyway, we'll see! P.S. let me know when you get your decision from Ox
  9. At first I also wanted to make an open app because I wasn't really sure about which college to choose. But later on I changed my mind and started continuously searching for a suitable college. So yeah, finally I decided to apply to Queen's college and somehow I'm satisfied with my decision. haha, yeah, we might meet there on 7 Dec! Good luck for you to get an interview! My LNAT... Well, I don't know exactly. My first impression was like: "I must have screwed less than in practice tests, so it's not that bad." But the more I think about it, the less sure I'm about my success. So I just don't
  10. Yes, Desy, I guess you are right. Personally, I'm applying to Ox, LSE, UCL, King's, and Queen Mary. So 4 of them are the ones you just mentioned. P.S. if anyone's interested, I'm predicted 43-44/45 in IB!
  11. Hey! I'm applying for law as well! What unis did you choose? Have you already received any offers?
  12. Well, my application was sent to UCAS only 4 hours before the deadline! So yeah, I was kind of freaking out yesterday I'm appying to 5 unis for law in the UK, one of which is Oxford, and the other unis are all located in London. Even though my predicted grades exceed the entry requirements, I still fear that my choices are too risky. As it is indicated in the uni websites, each law course receives more than 10 times more apps than they offer places a year. Well, I was just interested whether you know when can we expect the answer from Oxford whether we are invited for an interview or not?
  13. You know you're in IB when each IA deadline reveals your new abilities you couldn't imagine you had.
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